Wonder Woman 1984 Release Date Depends On Tenet

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Wonder Woman 1984

As the world grapples with the COVID-19 crisis, Hollywood seems to have hit a snag. We have extensively covered news on how productions have shut down, how numerous films have been delayed as a result of the ongoing pandemic. As it were, the only film to have not suffered a delay till now is Tenet. There were reports that the release of Tenet is being treated as sort of a litmus test to gauge when it will be safe to release films. If Tenet isn’t successful at the box-office or is delayed, it’s very likely that no new films will come out until December. Wonder Woman 1984 will move to the end of the year if Christoper Nolan’s thriller is delayed.

1984 was originally supposed to come out in November last year but was delayed to June 2020. With the virus hitting the roof, the film was pushed to August in hopes that it would have subsided by then. But that’s looking increasingly unlikely at the moment, with the situation becoming less and less certain.

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Wonder Woman 1984: Warner Bros. postpones movie until August 14 - Vox

When Will Wonder Woman 1984 Release?

There were rumours doing the rounds that the film may actually be releasing on Premium Video On Demand. But Warner Bros. was intent on giving the film a theatrical release. And it only makes sense that they would feel that way, considering how Wonder Woman is one of their biggest IPs.

As Tenet’s July release date draws near, it remains doubtful if theatres will be open and running. And even if they are, would people want to go to the cinema in these times?

In any case, the fate of Hollywood blockbusters seems to be squarely falling on Tenet’s shoulders. If people do show up and Tenet is a success, studios will have a proper idea of how the rollout is going to be.

Tenet is currently on track to be released on July 17, 2020. Wonder Woman 1984 will follow a month later on August 14, 2020.