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Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot Seen Boarding A Private Jet, After She Said She’d Never Use One


David Mudd

Look what our favourite Wonder Woman actress, Gal Gadot, recently did that has made her into a hypocrite.

Gal Gadot

Israeli actress and model, Gal Gadot debuted in the Hollywood from the 2009 film “Fast and Furious” and has been winning our hearts ever since.

Working in the DC universe movies portraying the character of Wonder Woman, Gadot has become one of the highest-paid actresses across the world.

Currently 34, the actress is married to Yaron Varsano, a real-estate developer, and has two daughters, Alma and Maya.

Gadot In And As Wonder Woman

In 2017 came a superhero movie adapted from the DC comics. In the movie was Gal Gadot, starring as Diana, or the Wonder Woman.

The plot of the movie follows the life of Princess Diana of the Amazons, a breed of female creatures superior to the human race. One day, she meets Steve Trevor, an agent who got lost in the sea and ended up in the land of the Amazon.

wonder woman 2

Through Trevor, she finds out about the war going on in the human world that has the potential to destroy the whole planet. Diana decides that she can’t just sit by and see it all happening, and must stop it.

Wonder Woman 1984

A sequel to the 2017 “Wonder Woman”, “Wonder Woman 1984” is an upcoming superhero movie directed by Patty Jenkins.

The movie takes place in 1984, where Diana has new evils to fight.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are returning to play their respective roles in the movie. The movie is scheduled to release on June 5th, 2020.

Gadot’s Opinion About Boarding Private Jets

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman

Gadot, a thoughtful mother, has strong opinions about being a role model for her little girls. The best way to do that, she believes, is to follow the righteous path herself so that it incorporates righteousness in their lives.

To preach, Gadot recycles plastic bags and travels in commercial out of concern for the environment.

However, recently Gadot has been captured travelling in jets quite a few times. But what has made her go against her principals?

The reason behind it is the shooting of her upcoming Netflix film, “Red Notice”, that has caused her to travel between LA and Atlanta. The movie is on a time crunch, and the spreading coronavirus has led the filmmakers to be extra cautious about the safety of the actors.