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Wonder Woman 1984: Director Has Big Plans For A Threequel And A Spin Off


David Mudd

Patty Jenkins is the director of the movie Wonder Woman 1984. She has recently discovered her ideas and a rough outlook about a threequel.

Wonder Woman is one of DC’s most successful and incredible films. The fans have been eagerly waiting for more. Life has sure become dull without seeing a bit of Gal Gadot. And we hope to see her on screens exceptionally soon.

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Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman 1984 was due to come out in 2019. But the release date has been shifted to this fall. The release has been delayed due to the coronavirus pandemic. We can only pray that the film will stick to the revised scheduled. (Fingers Crossed!)

wonder woman

But she has claimed that she will not be taking up this project anytime soon. She is still brainstorming ideas and is going to come up with a proper plan later on.

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What To Expect From The Upcoming Movie?

Patty had given the audience certain hope when she said that the movie would feature Diana’s homeland. Her homeland is the Amazonian haven of Themyscira. But that is all from her side, the exact plot of the film has not been revealed.

She will be taking the project when she has enhanced her clarity in her mind and her objective of the film. But a piece of heartbreaking news even says that she will try her best not to direct the movie.

There has not been an official cross-over yet. But the fans are intrigued by the idea and hope that the discussions are on soon so that they can enjoy certain plot twists!

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Wonder Woman

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