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Wonder Woman 1984: Director Chose DC Over Marvel, See Why She Turned Down A Thor Movie


David Mudd

Wonder Woman 1984: So many years passed after the release of the second part of the Thor series, Thor- The Dark World. Its one-time director, Patty Jenkins, does not even want to stand up for this one. She eventually left this marvel projects and moved on. She transferred herself to bigger things with DC and chose Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman Releases This Year (Wonder Woman 1984)

DC’s Wonder Woman was about to release early this year. But due to the worldwide pandemic, COVID-19, all the films, series and other things in the entertainment sector are experiencing delays. For the same reason, Wonder Woman got a delay in release. 

Wonder Woman 1984

It is a highly anticipated movie. Wonder Woman is one of the most loved superhero characters of DC. Fans did get very upset after hearing the shifting of the release date of this movie. Meanwhile, the director, Patty Jenkins, had a talk with Vanity Fair about her decision of walking away from Thor: The Dark World. 

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What The Director Has To Say?

Patty Jenkins seemed confident about her decision of choosing movies like Wonder Woman over Thor: The Dark World. She was mainly concerned about the script. As per sources, the story and the idea were the main reasons behind her decision.

Wonder Woman 1984

She said that she firmly believed that with that script, she would not be able to make a good movie. And if the film failed, it would look like it is her fault. Patty further added that she dropped out to give herself another chance to improvise skills and develop more. 

She didn’t want to miss prominent things due to less understanding of the script. Patty said, if another director did the movie, they would be able to understand it more clearly. 

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Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman Release Date (Wonder Woman 1984)

There is uncertainty about every movie at this point. Initially, the release date of the film was June 4, but because of the Coronavirus outbreak, the film will now release on 14th in August. There are chances that the makers might have to delay the film even further because there are no signs of slow down. The situations will get worst in the coming few weeks, and everyone needs to be patient. We will go through this just like a superhero.