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Wonder Woman 1984: 5 Villains She Might Face In The Third Movie

wonder woman

It’s already been a long wait for Wonder Woman 1984. And it seems to wait some more time. Let’s have look, who is going to act against Wonder Woman in the third film.

Because of the coronavirus, many more films are delayed and rescheduled, we might expect her comes under in this part. The five enemies that in this are going tom face in her third featuring film, are listed below.

 The 5 Villains Of The Third Movie: Wonder Woman 


A Gorgon named Medusa, who can turn people into stone if anyone looks at her. This time this featuring role will be faced by her. Since the woman made from clay, sometimes  Wonder Woman is the ideal foil for a woman who turns people to stone. It featuring the incident that happened at the Yankee Stadium.


Morgan Le Fay:

Morgaine le Fey is the ancient and diabolical sorceress of Arthurian legends. She uses her gifts without restraint and is quite willing to destroy the universe to gain more power. Morgaine later attempts to steal Wonder Woman’s eternal youth, not realizing that Wonder Woman has already given it up.


Doris Zuel is well known in Attack of the Fifty Foot Woman. She can increase her size equal to a skyscraper and can crush any vehicle including big trucks and all. We first meet her as someone suffering from a deadly blood disease. Zuel wants to transfer her soul into Diana’s body but that doesn’t work out.

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Doctor Psycho:

The Doctor Psycho uses his inevitable powers to manipulate, his most heinous act might have been creating the persona of Captain Wonder, an avatar of Steve Trevor Psycho uses to fight Diana. He is one of the oldest villains that Wonder Woman had.


Circe is the main villain that Wonder Woma going to face. Without her character in the film, it is not going to happen. She had a pretty serious problem with the Amazons, which turned to Diana and it became the long-lasting hatred. More than any other villain, Circe has the power and the anger to take on Diana.




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