Women at War Season 2 Release Date: Is the Renewal Confirmed or Not?


Saloni Singh

Have you looked at Netflix’s latest period piece, Women at War? It dropped on the streamer on Jan .19 and has already snagged a spot on the main 10 list. On the off chance that you haven’t started the series, we suggest checking it out.

Notwithstanding, we realize that many individuals have already watched each of the eight episodes and are contemplating whether there will be a second season. No problem! We shared all that we are familiar a possible Women at War season 2 down underneath.

Women at War is a French period show helmed by Alexandre Laurent. It’s set in France during The Second Great War and follows four altogether different women whose lives intersect as they are compelled to defy the troublesome circumstances of war at home.

Moreover, the cast is comprised of a skilled bundle of French actors such as Audrey Fleurot, Sofia Essaïdi, Julie De Bona, Camille Lou, and numerous others.

So, will there be a Women at War season 2? This is what we know.

Is Women at War Season 2 Happening?

Netflix has not announced regardless of whether there will be a second season. In any case, the chances of a second season happening is slim to none. The period show is charged as a restricted series, implying that it’s a limited time offer sort of show. At the end of the day, the show will just consist of one season.

Likewise, the show’s storyline finished inside the last episode of the series, so there isn’t any more story to tell in a second installment.

Women at War Season 2 release date

Despite the fact that there most likely won’t be a Women at War season 2, you can anticipate the lead actresses’ forthcoming projects.

Fleurot will be in a miniseries called Infiltré(e). The authority release date hasn’t been announced at this point, however it’s expected to come out sometime in 2023. You’ll also have the option to catch Lou in a parody film called Chasse Gardée. It’s also expected to turn out in 2023. Notwithstanding, Sofia Essaïdi and Julie De Bona’s next projects are obscure.

Women at War Season 1 Recap

Women At War takes place in a war-torn France impacted by the first universal war. Four women of totally various personalities and backgrounds cross paths during this wartime. Agnes is a religious recluse who finds her community transformed into a war hospital.

In the mean time, Marguerite seeks work in a close by massage parlor, and Suzanne is escaping from a dim past. Caroline has been given the keys to the privately-run company and must track down new balance. Despite the fact that she has new plans for the factory and the workers, her brother by marriage stands against them.

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Marguerite meets Marcel, the proprietor of a neighborhood massage parlor, who tries to uncover reality behind her past. It is uncovered that Marguerite is searching for her son, Colin. In the interim, Suzanne is the religious community’s exceptionally prepared at this point suspicious new nurse. Agnes can’t trust her about her personality and questions her past.

The four women also get medals of distinction for their services during the War. As an attack from the Germans looms huge not too far off, things mess up in the girls’ lives as well.

Suzanne races to save Joseph’s life as Marguerite tries to retouch her relationship with her son. In the interim, Agnes learns dull truths about the religious community and races to the diocese.

Women at War Season 2 release date

The series got a great deal of love from viewers and critics. Women At War soon featured on the best 10 list of Netflix in several countries. The show’s ratings are sufficient to say how much ubiquity the French show series has acquired.

Women at War Season 2 Cast – Who May Be in It?

Engaging the possibility that a second season gets conceded, it could have the accompanying characters and cast members return:

  • Agnès played by Julie de Bona
  • Suzanne Faure played by Audrey Fleurot
  • Caroline Dewitt
  • Éléonore Dewitt played by Sandrine Bonnaire.
  • Madeleine Dewitt played by Stacy Grewis Belotti
  • General Duvernet played by Tchecky Karyo
  • Juliette played by Eden Ducourant

As Marguerite passed on, her personality wouldn’t likely return unless through a flashback.

Women at War Season 2 Plot: What Might The Second Season  Be About?

The plot of season 1 of Women at War wrapped up neatly, with Madeleine, Caroline, and Éléonore escaping to Touraine, away from the battlefield. As such, it didn’t leave a lot of space for exploration.

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However for a speculative plot briefly exposing, the show could continue to follow how the women in the show resided and felt during the rest of the war, as the first season takes place in 1914, the first year of the four-drawn out struggle.

Women at War Season 2 release date

The show isn’t based on a book or previous media, so on the off chance that a season two were to be pursued, creator Célile Lorne could choose to focus on a completely unique cast of women in an alternate year of the war, or an alternate nation, however as a French show, this last thought is unlikely.

How Is the Show Rated So Far?

Women At War has gotten great reviews and ratings. The French show has a rating of 7.5 out of 10 on IMDb and 80% on Rotten Tomatoes.

By and large, Women at War is exceptionally rated and has had a successful first season. Unsurprisingly, viewers are anxious to see if the show will be renewed briefly season or dropped. While there has been no authority announcement yet, fan speculation indicates that the show will likely be renewed briefly season.

What Number of Episodes of Women at War Season 2 Will Be There?

It is at present obscure whether Women at War will be renewed briefly season. Notwithstanding, it is feasible to anticipate the number of episodes that might be delivered assuming the show returns. We expect the second season to have at least eight episodes based on the first season.

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This is the base number of episodes that are likely to be remembered for the second season. Furthermore, the episodes are expected to be of practically identical length to those of the first season. The first season’s episodes went long from 40 to 50 minutes, with the typical episode lasting 43 minutes. Season 2 will stick to the same pattern.

Women at War Season 2 release date

Is The Show Worth Watching?

Women At War is worth watching for the strong female characters and the astonishing storyline. In the event that you appreciate watching series that feature strong and furious female characters, this French period show is a must-watch. The series tells a thrilling story of what women’s lives were meant for in a vicious war battled by men.


In Women at War season 1, the stage is good to go for The Second Great War, with the German soldiers pounding their boots and heading towards the bleeding edge. Amidst this chaos, the lives of four women have been underscored who are battling to survive in France.

Each new episode complicates the lives of these women and echoes the reality the struggles of women during wartime, on the off chance that not equivalent, are unquestionably significant in comparison to men at war. The distinction here is that women during wartime battled with mental guns whereas men with military ones did.

In spite of the fact that they were not on the cutting edge, they sure have gone about as vanguards in managing traumatic as well as trying ordeals which deserve commendation.

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