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Aditi Narendra

The third-billed movie in a horror movie binge should be “Wolves,” a delightfully bizarre werewolf coming-of-age tale. One can’t help but question who “Wolves” was intended for when taken in isolation. Known chiefly for his role as the voice of Solid Snake in the “Metal Gear Solid” video game series, writer/director David Hayter usually errs on the cautious side and only reluctantly lets his id ride roughshod over his cheesy, Stephen King-esque tale

Wolves Movie Cast

  • Lucas Till as Cayden Richards
  • Jason Momoa as Connor Slaughter
  • Merritt Patterson as Angelina “Angel” Timmins
  • John Pyper-Ferguson as Joe “Wild Joe”
  • Stephen McHattie as John Tollerman
  • Janet-Laine Green as Clara Tollerman
  • Kaitlyn Leeb as Lisa Stewart
  • Jennifer Hale as Janice Richards

Wolves Movie

  • Adam Butcher as Deke
  • Philip Maurice Hayes as Kino
  • Miriam McDonald as Haley
  • Melanie Scrofano as Gail Timmins
  • Brandon McGibbon as Carter Wills
  • Jonathan Llyr as Larson Wills
  • Eric Trask as Mayor Robinson
  • Adam MacDonald as Marty
  • Alain Moussi as Dobie
  • Thomas J. Strada as Robbie

Wolves Movie Synopsis

The plot of WOLVES, a young social hermit who passes his nights hocking stolen jewels to make ends meet and perusing dating websites in search of a relationship, was inspired by actual events. He comes across a television report one night about a number of unresolved cold cases in his city as a winter storm rages outside. He is fascinated by these killings for some reason. As the evidence starts to come together, he finds himself increasingly unable to sleep as he delves deeper into the sinister enigma surrounding these grisly crimes and ventures into society’s shadowy underbelly. How far would you go to discover the truth, asks Wolves, a tale of solitude, isolation, and fascination?

World of Wolves Movie

It’s challenging to identify Cayden Richards (Lucas Till), the movie’s adolescent primary protagonist, as a true outsider because “Wolves” is situated in a world where werewolves are solely responsible for preserving the status quo. When Cayden changes into a hairy, hormonal monster just before he finds his parents’ bodies, he experiences a severe identity issue. One-eyed bar flies and fellow lycanthrope Wild Joe (John Pyper-Ferguson) informs Cayden that he is a teenage wolf.

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Joe then gives Cayden directions to Lupine Ridge, where he assures Cayden that he will uncover additional information. While there, Cayden is mentored by his father, the self-sufficient teen wolfette Angelina (Merritt Patterson), who becomes obsessed with her and makes enemies with the neighborhood were-bully Connor (Jason Momoa).

Plot of Wolves Movie

The most intriguing of Cayden’s romantic opportunities is his fragile friendship with Joe, the only werewolf who doesn’t wish to reside in Lupine Ridge. But as soon as Joe sends Cayden off to Every-Werewolfton, USA, he vanishes. The next most intriguing connection is Cayden’s with Angelina because she is shown as a smart, down-to-earth woman with her own issues and hobbies.

Unfortunately, there are no psychological stakes in Angelina’s tense relationship with her erratic mother Gail (Melanie Scrofano), despite the fact that it is theoretically compelling. Angelina is aware of how bad her mother Gail is, but she will always clean up the mess she causes or choose to ignore it.

Wolves Movie

Alison is a semi-obedient daughter, but we can see in the scene where Angelina seizes control and mounts Cayden that she also has a healthy carnal desire in him. Although it’s easier to imagine Angelina as a hard-loving baby girl than a mini-sexpot because the scene in which she and Cayden play around is as hyper-sexualized as any of Michael Bay’s PG-13 glowering shots of Megan Fox’s butts, the schizophrenic dissonance between both the two sides of her character are never resolved.

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In a medium close-up, she pushes him down, throws her hair over her head, and straddles him, highlighting the form-fitting undergarments that barely conceal Patterson’s assets. Angelina is only as strong as a pin-up girl from Maxim.The oddly cute-but-“adult” tone Hayter aims for during “Wolves” can be summed up by Angelina’s dual personality.At least in one scene where his protagonist joyously brags about how he intends to deflower Angelina, Momoa is permitted to go all out. Momoa is given a brief opportunity to express his inner nature, and as a result, he behaves like Michael Keaton did in “Beetlejuice.”

Wolves Movie Review

The relax of “Wolves,” an unsettling coming-of-age story for those who want to enhance “Twilight,” but mistakenly believe that the most detrimental thing about “Twilight” was its lack of overtly violent and sexual undertone, regrettably doesn’t fit with that noticeably goofy and supremely confident performance. The over-the-top violence in “Wolves” and its titillating instinctual cravings have no place in the story’s generic coming-of-age fantasy setting.