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Wizards Of The Coast: Giveaway Of Free Dungeons & Dragons Content All Week


David Mudd

Dungeons & Dragons is a tabletop role-playing game. Wizards of the Coast who is the publisher of the game decided to give away free content daily for its players. The decision is to support and help people who are searching for things to do passing time in quarantine. Already some contents were given for free. But, those were just the reprints of the already remained free contents.

This time it is different. The new free materials available free are the premium purchases in the past. The creators decide this to give some more enjoyment in the game for the players during the lockdown in many countries. Of course, they can also make it an opportunity to introduce their premium features to gamers. However, it is a great opportunity for users.

Wizards Of The Coast

More Details On Free Materials Of D&D (Wizards Of The Coast)

The team of Dungeons & Dragons understands that the people around the world are looking for something for distraction. That is especially true for kids while the schools and colleges are closed in the cause of the pandemic. Besides, Parents and Caretakers are stuck with kids and are trying to find something for kids to pass their time.

In the announcement, Wizard said that the users can check every day for some exciting fun & educational materials for free. You can check back each day for more unique content. There is already a free 5th edition of D&D available. It contains 400 pages full of classes, races, spells, etc. Pathfinder and Cyberpunk Red like ways are available to run RPGs online. Besides, there are no limits in the role-play.

There was a Starter Set Rulebook included among its free downloads. The PDF document tells you everything about what you needed to do in play.

Wizards Of The Coast

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