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Windows 10: Revamped UI?


David Mudd

Windows 10: Revamped UI?: Microsoft one of the most recognized companies in the world. Their products have been so important everywhere now. Thanks to products like Windows and Office, Microsoft has become one of the largest companies in the world.


Microsoft released Windows in 1985. It has gone on to become a well known operating system. Containing more than 10 versions, this GUI based OS is one of the most preferred operating systems in the world.

Windows 10

What makes it so good? It has a GUI. That means it is easy to operate and understand because of the graphical representation of things. The most recent version is Windows 10. Released in 2015, this version has now crossed the one billion mark in terms of the number of users.

In my opinion, this should’ve happened a bit earlier than 2020. It happened anyway. Congratulations to Microsoft.

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The Revamp (Windows 10)

Celebrating 1 billion users worldwide, Microsoft has made a recent announcement of a revamp in the UI. In an Instagram post, the Chief Product Officer of Microsoft, Panos Panay, announced the revamp as it hit the one billion mark.

As he thanks the users, he also points at new features of the revamped version. The release date is unknown.

Windows 10

The Features (Windows 10)

New features include a revamped Start menu and a sleek File Explorer update. The Start Menu looks a lot better now with simplified accessibility and improvements in icon representation.

The File Explorer looks a lot better as well. It looks simple and less cluttered. Focusing more on unified colour schemes rather than flash colour tiles, Microsoft is heading in the right direction.

Windows 10

The update might head away from Live Tiles like 10X. This seems like a good move considering how useless the feature seemed.

Whatever the case, the new update seems interesting. Microsoft is taking considerable steps to improve UI. Considering how important they are nowadays, it is an obvious move. I just hope they get rid of the frequently annoying updates. Also, congratulations to Microsoft.

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