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Windows 10: Microsoft PowerToys For Windows 10, Clarified


David Mudd

Windows 10 is getting some Powertoys. Microsoft is working hard on it. You will get many additional features for Windows.

This is an open-source project. So, you can expect many things good to this. From a bulk renamed to an Alt+Tab alternative so you can search for Windows.

This can be as simple as a click from your keyboard. These features will be on board very soon. So, you can get all excited about it.

You can be amazed by all opportunities it has in store. So, get ready for the best possible features in the corner.


Get Microsoft PowerToys

Getting these PowerToys are very easy. You can simply download them. These PowerToys are available from GitHub. This way you’ll be able to enable the features from the PowerTors settings application.

The best part about this is that it is free and open-source. This process is very simple. You just have to download the MSI file from the website.

Then you have to double click to install it. Microsoft released this version 0.16.0 this March 31. It features four new tools.

You will get an Alt+Tab alternative, an image resizer, a Markdown preview pane, and an SVG preview pane.


To Use An Alt+Tab Alternative As Window Walker

This is a text-based Alt+Tab alternative. Its called Window Walker. Also, this comes with a search feature. You can enable it by clicking Ctrl+Win on your keyboard.

Then, a textbox will appear. You just have to start typing a phrase. Then you search for open windows that match it.

So, if you have many Chrome browser windows, you just have to type Chrome. Then, you get a drop-down list and then you can scroll through them.

Now, this comes into play when you want to find one of the many windows. So, you can just click Ctrl+Tab and type the name of the website.

Then you’ll get the relevant results.

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Get A Bulk File Rename PowerRename


You also get this amazing feature. It allows you to rename a batch. With this feature in your hands, a lot of work can get easy.

You just have to right-click these files in the File Explorer. Then, you have to select PowerRename to open it. When the window appears, everything is a piece of cake. You can then click checkboxes to batch rename files on the fo.

This is the easiest method to do this. Using these tools is very simple and that’s what makes it so good. Also, they find a large use in daily life. So, they are very convenient.