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Windows 10: Everything You Need To Know About The New April 2020 Update


David Mudd

The latest updates to Microsoft Windows 10 expected to reach customers by May 2020. New Windows comes with lots of great and useful changes compared to November 2019 upgrades. Typically, Windows will install all updates. But unlike that, now there is a new screen where you can now choose optional updates.

In the old system, it was necessary to go to Device Manager and select which hardware drivers to install. Instead, all new hardware updates are now shown on the screen. Microsoft says the new optional driver update will help address all the problems associated with hardware drivers.

Cortana With New Face Of Interaction

The users who had used Cortana so far had to speak out loud. In contrast, the new Cortana comes with a new chat-based interface. It is a chat window so when you open it later, the user will be able to get access to all the chat history in the past. It will look exactly like other normal windows. Cortana window can now be resized and replaced to anywhere on the screen like every other normal window.

The difficulties associated with sound recognition solved. More languages also added with the new updates. Even if you set a language on your computer, Microsoft claims that it automatically understands every language supported in it. Several features, including the jokes and Bing instant answers in Cortana, have been temporarily removed by Microsoft.

Fast Search Experience

Previously, Microsoft’s updates to speed up Start-Menu searching said to cause a lot of storage problems and power outages. So this time they come up with some new ways to solve it. Now the computer will automatically detect when there is most search occurs and temporarily use the storage to speed up the search.

More Updates With More Freedom

This feature is useful for people who use computers with multiple disks. Windows Task Manager now shows all the storage used on the computer and the type of storage. Now you can see the temperature level of your graphical processor from the performance tab. A lot of issues with the graphical processor had fixed in the past updates. Those updates added features like GPU usage display, graphics driver display, memory usage, and hardware details.

Until now, most people didn’t like the tablet look that was available on Windows. So the new version will be available in a much easier user interface and cool look. Virtual windows can now be given custom names. Usually, they seem under names like Desktop 1 and Desktop 2, etc.

Clearing the disk will not remove the files in the download folder anymore. A lot has changed about restarting applications and signing in to the PC with new renovations. The changes in the Bluetooth swing pairing should also be noted. Besides all, settings in Windows 10 will have a header that has the details about the person who uses it.

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