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Windows 10: Devices To Get Only Vital And Necessary Updates Amid Pandemic


David Mudd

Microsoft pausing all the non-essential updates for Windows 10 and Windows Server because of the pandemic situation. One of the biggest updates with more features and modifications were scheduled earlier. But the situation is more complicated than expected.

Besides, the number of Windows Operating System users become more than one billion this March. Of course, it is quite a landmark moment and a huge milestone. It was said by the vice-president of Microsoft Corporation, Yusuf Mehdi. But in this situation of global crisis. It is important to take apt decisions.

Windows 10

Windows 10 Updates Will Only Have Essentials

In this public health situation, Microsoft will pause all the updates that are not essential for the smooth functioning of OS. All the optional cumulative updates included in the paused updates. Google already halted it’s chrome updates because of the same reason. Likewise, Microsoft Edge also did the same earlier.

Users with all versions of Windows 10 and Windows Servers reported bugs and problems. Coupled with that this situation is also not the best time for modification releases. It is not time for decoration. Besides, it is time the users need their OS bugless. So, all the optional updates will be halted. It will come into effect from May 2020. After all, Mandatory security updates have been released on Tuesday.

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Cumulative updates paused because they may contain many bug fixes. It will affect the smooth working of your system. In a situation like this when millions of people working from home. That will become a burden for the users and the company. These bug fixes cause the day to day problems. A bug fix can lead to other bugs.

Windows 10

However, there will be no problems affect any of the monthly updates. Business continuity needed to ensure. It is essential to keep users protected and productive.