Window Replacement – Efficiency Ratings, Types and Features


David Mudd

Replacing your windows is quite essential especially if they are damaged or broken. You can try repairing them but once they have reached a point where they are damaged beyond repair, you will have to spend money and invest in replacing your windows. However, the process of replacing your windows can be quite difficult and consuming for you because there are a lot of different types of windows with different features and efficiency ratings. Generally, a lot of homeowners hire professionals and experts from certain companies and websites such as fonster to do the job for them while they relax. However, if you do not feel the same way then, here is everything you need to know about window replacement if you want to replace your home windows by yourself.

Efficiency Ratings

A lot of different replacement windows have been invented. Each and every other type of window has its own efficiency ratings. Windows with higher energy efficiency ratings is because of the usage of the best insulating features including but not limited to low e-coatings, inert-gas insulation and multiple glazing aka double or triple pane glazing. Furthermore, if the windows have the U-factor mark then, it means that the windows have the capability to conduct heat or thermal energy. Similarly, there is a R-factor as well that shows that windows have the capability to insulate. Therefore, before randomly purchasing a random window, you will need to make sure that the window has a higher R-factor than U-factor because these type of windows will make sure that your house is pretty insulated from the outside weather and that it stays cool during summers and warm during winters. Another major energy efficiency rating is the solar heat gain coefficient. This SHGC shows that how much sunlight is entering your house. If you live in an area with cold weather then, it is wise that you choose a window with high SHGC rating because it will keep your house warm and if you live in an area with hot weather then, choosing a window with low SHGC such as 0.44 ratings is the best choice as it will keep your house cool. Another efficiency rating is the visible transmittance which shows that how much visible light is allowed to pass through a window.

Window Replacement - Efficiency Ratings, Types and Features

Types and their features

Picture windows

Picture windows are extremely large windows that have no frames or breaks. They are quite similar to a flat LED screen and the purpose of both of them is also quite similar. Picture windows just like LED screen is used to show you the picture. The picture in this context, however, means that the scenery outside of your house. Furthermore, these windows are rain resistant, wind resistant and are quite durable. Therefore, it is a very good investment and if you have any scenery outside of your house then, it may be a wise choice to invest in picture windows.

Storm windows

Another type of windows is the storm windows. these type of windows is one of the best investments that you can make and these windows are the best replacement windows because you can install these windows in the same frame of your previous windows. Furthermore, these type of windows are best for decreasing your energy bills because the energy efficiency rate is pretty good for these windows. For example, the u-factor is quite low and the R-factor is quite high of these type of windows. not only that but these windows are quite durable and wind and rain resistant as well.