Wind Breaker Chapter 447 Release Date, Spoilers, Raw Scan, And Where to Read!


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Have you read Chapter 446 of the series Wind Breaker? Did you like it? I know the answer to this question is obviously yes, that’s why you are looking for the details of the next chapter of the series.

In this article, we will dig out some information like release dates, spoilers, and raw scans of the forthcoming chapter 447 of the Wind Breaker series.

About the Series Wind Breaker

The series Wind Breaker written by Jo Yongseuk is based on a mix of genres like comedy, romance, drama, sports, and more. It is spun around some youngsters who wish for freedom and is engaged in street riding.

What is the Release Date of Wind Breaker Chapter 447?

So, are you ready to note down the confirmed release date of chapter 447 of the series Wind Breaker?

The makers have scheduled the publishing of a new chapter on May 28, 2023. Yes, the chapter will be available to you for reading on the said date.

Hence, I will suggest you mark the date in your calendar and keep reading the article to know more about it.

Is There Any Spoiler for Wind Breaker Chapter 447?

wind breaker chapter 447 release date

To keep your interest in the series and to maintain your excitement, the publishers share spoilers for every new chapter before it is officially released.

Since the new chapter is going to be aired on May 28, 2023, so it is quite early to expect any spoilers. Seeing the past trends it can be anticipated that the spoiler will be released one or two days before the new chapter is dropped.

Till the time mentioned, continue reading the article for more info and keep reaching back to us because we will revise the article when the spoilers will be released.

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What Happened in Wind Breaker Chapter 446?

In the last chapter 446 of the series Wind Breaker, Jin and Jay start the race with the idea of reaching at first to the finish line.

Both of them inhibited their full energy to win the race. They used all of their skills, abilities, and the power of the wind to reach the finish line.

wind breaker chapter 447 release date

It was getting quite difficult to predict the winner of the race seeing their hard work and potential. The turns and the bends on the way to the finish line added more to the excitement.

Meanwhile, readers got to know about some past incidents of Jin’s life where he met with Mr. Park and Dark Snake.

Later, it revealed the feeling that he was having while meeting them. How he met Jay and what turned their friendship into rivalry was the most noticeable part of the chapter.

Wind Breaker Chapter 447 – Raw Scan!

Unfortunately, no raw scans have been released by the time the article is published. But don’t fret and stay calm because we will edit this section too along with the spoilers as and when they are shared.

Where to Read Wind Breaker Chapter 447?

wind breaker chapter 447 release date

The new chapter will be officially dropped on Kodansha Magazine and Shonen Jump App. You will be glad to know that the anime version of the series is also in progress which started on March 30, 2023. The anime adaptation is produced by CloverWorks.

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In this article, we have shared the details of the upcoming chapter 447 of the series Wind Breaker. The chapter is scheduled to be dropped on May 28, 2023. No spoilers or raw scans have been published yet for this new chapter.

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