Will We Ever See the Got (Game of Thrones) Season 9 or Not?


David Mudd

Here you will get to know everything about season 9 including the release date, cast, plot.

Will We Ever Get To See The Reign of Bran The Broken? Well, Folks, You have guessed it Right We Are Talking About The GOT (GAME OF THRONES) SEASON 9.

Game of Thrones is a show based on the medieval period where noble families war against each other to gain control over the Iron Throne.

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However, it ended with season 8, fans are still hoping for season 9 to get featured. Will this happen? Read the complete article to know about it.

David Benioff and D. B. Weiss are the creators and Ramin Djawadi is the composer of the series.

Mark Huffam, Joanna Burn, Frank Doelger, Chris Newman, Greg Spence, Lisa McAtackney, Bryan Cogman, and Duncan Muggoch are the producers of the series.

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50-82 minutes is the running time of the series. Let me tell me more about the ending of Season 8 that will confirm whether season 9 will come or not. Read the given article and clear all of your doubts on the arrival of season 9.

The Plot of Got Season 9 and the Previous Season

The last season depicts the two conflicts. The first one is the Great War against the Army of the Dead, and the last one is the war for the control of the Iron Throne.

Got season 9

As Jon and Daenerys reach Winterfell with the armies, they come to know that the Army of the Dead has broken the wall and the Knight King is controlling the Viserion dragon by commanding it. Daenerys and Cersei plan to send the army against them, whereas Northern decides to protect and Vale decides to rally around Winterfell.

Euron along with the Golden Company reaches the King’s Landing and tempts Cersei to finish the union. Cerise then hires Bronn to kill Tyrion and Jaime. Jon then reunites with Arya. Daenerys and Jon grow their bond while riding dragons. Sam tells Jon that he is the original heir of the Iron Throne and is born Aegon Targaryen. Jaime then appears at Winterfell.

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Jaime reveals the deception of Cersei to the Targaryen- Stark alliance. Jaime then apologizes to Bran about the troubles he created for him but they are not the same people now as they were before. Tyrion still believes Cersei.

Daenerys didn’t trust Tyrion’s judgment at all. Theon, Edd, Tormund, and Beric reach Winterfell with a report that the undead Army soon gonna arrive there.

The Night King who had the aim to kill the Three-Eyed Raven is fascinated by Bran and Bran proposes this in front of all. Jaime formally declares and performs the rituals to make Brienne the knight.

Sam gives Jorah the House Tarly’s ancestral sword to fight. Before the arrival of the Army of the Dead, Jon reveals that he has a claim to the Iron Throne in front of Daenerys.

The Army of the Dead arrives outside Winterfell, and the living meet the dead over there. Edd saves Sam and gets killed whereas survivors get the inside castle.

Jon and Daenerys engage the Knights on the dragon in the air whereas Melisandre ignites the fire all around to delay the approach of the dead army. Beric and Lyanna Mormont also get killed.

The Knight kings kill Theon as he was protecting Bran. Jon and Rhaegal knock the Knight off the dragon. Arya uses her Valyrian steel dagger to stab the knight king before reaching Bran.Got Season 9

The Knight king, the white walkers, the viserion, and the wights vanish off and Daenerys and the army wins. Here the first half of the season ends.

After achieving the prosperous victory against the Army of the Dead, they proceed to the South for the next war for the control of the Iron Throne. On the other hand, Tyrion comes forward with a compromise that can reduce all the tensions.

At the city gates, Daenerys and Cersei confront each other and weigh options of each other. The armies of both sides wait for further instructions as they are on the battle’s edge. The battle for the Iron Throne starts and then comes to an end after all the bloodshed across the seven kingdoms. The kingdom’s future is then revealed.

Season 8 comes to an end here. The series ended before the release of the final novel, so the fans are expecting that GOT will return with its next season soon. However, there is no announcement of the next season yet by HBO.

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The Cast of the GOT

Got Season 9

The main cast of the show include-

  • Daenerys Targaryen’s role played by Emilia Clarke
  • Jon Snow’s role played by Kit Harington
  • Sansa Stark’s role played by Sophie Turner
  • Arya Stark’s role played by Maisie Williams
  • Cersei Lannister’s role played by Lena Headey
  • Tyrion Lannister’s role played by Peter Dinklage
  • Jaime Lannister’s role played by Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
  • Brienne of Tarth’s role played by Gwendoline Christie
  • Bran Stark’s role played by Isaac Hempstead Wright
  • Theon Greyjoy’s role played by Alfie Allen
  • Missandei’s role played by Nathalie Emmanuel
  • Jorah Mormont’s role played by Iain Glen
  • Melisandre’s role played by Carice van Houten

The Other Cast of the Show Is

Samwell Tarly’s role played by John Bradley, Lord Varys’s role played by Conleth Hill, Sandor Clegane’s role played by Rory McCann, Petyr Baelish’s role played by Aiden Gillen, Davos Seaworth’s role played by Liam Cunningham, Ygritte’s role played by Rose Leslie.

Got Season 9

IMDB Rating of GOT

9.3 out of 10 is the IMDb rating of the series Game of Thrones.

Where Can We Watch GOT Seasons 9 And Previous Seasons

You can watch GOT on Hot star.

You can watch GOT on Amazon Prime.

You can watch it on HBO.

You can watch it on Just Watch.

You can also download it from different websites to watch it offline or can stream it online from the above-mentioned links or from other websites too.


After reading the article, the question arises that should we wait for the next season to be telecasted? The answer is a big “no”. GOT series ended with its 8th season. However, you can read the final novel to know about the perfect ending as George R. R. Martin declared that the ending of the novel will completely differ from the series.