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Will Voldemort Appear In Fantastic Beasts?


David Mudd

Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald ended with a game-changing twist for the Wizarding World. The revelation that Credence Barebone was Albus Dumbledore’s long-lost brother Aurelius left fans staggered. We’ve previously covered how it’s possible that Credence is a secret Dumbledore. But given JK Rowling’s penchant for plot-twists, I am pretty sure this is not the end of tie-ins to the Harry Potter series.

Crimes of Grindelwald saw the return of Nagini, Lord Voldemort’s snake, but only this time she was human. Nagini was revealed to be a Maledictus, a being cursed with the affliction of eventually turning into a beast forever. So this begs the question: why introduce the loyal companion of the Dark Lord without the Dark Lord himself?

It’s simple really; Rowling will, for sure, introduce a young Tom Riddle later in the series. It is worth noting that the first Fantastic Beasts took place in the same year Voldemort was born. Crimes of Grindelwald was set in 1927 and the third one is all set to be set in Rio de Janerio in the 1930s.

The Chamber Of Secrets Will Be A Subplot

There is little doubt that we won’t see Tom Riddle’s formative years at Hogwarts. Especially considering that Rowling herself confirmed that we will see how Dumbledore became Dumbledore. This all lends credence to the fact that the Chamber will heavily feature as a subplot down the line.

I’m pretty sure that Newt’s storyline will strongly parallel Hagrid’s as he gives a young Rubeus Hagrid an Acromantula egg. This will further tie into Dumbledore arguing in Hagrid’s favour and him keeping a watchful eye over Riddle.

It’s also possible that we will see Tom Riddle’s cut backstory from the films with the Gaunts and the effect of Grindelwald’s war on him.

But its true that we are really excited to see what happens next in the World of Wizards. And I am sure we won’t be disappointed!