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Will There Be Girl Meets World Season 4 ?


David Mudd

girl meets world season 4

What is the fate of Girl meets world season 4?

Let’s find out what the sources have to say about whether the fans of the “Girl Meets World” series will be able to watch season 4 or not.

Do you know that 91 % of females and 90 % of Male in the USA love to watch the comedy genre? The comedy genre is at the top of the list of a genre popular among the USA population.

We can infer that people in the USA love to watch comedy series and movies more than they love drama or thrillers.

What about you, do you love comedy series or movies?

If you do, then here is one of the amazing series called “Girl Meets World” that will make you laugh till the point your stomach starts aching.

One other exciting thing about the series is that a teenage girl can easily relate to what is happening in the series, so if you love movies and series that you can relate to, then here is another reason why you should watch it.

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Overview of Girls Meets World

Girl Meets World is a spin-off of another series on the parallel lines called “Boy Meets World”.

The series “Girl Meets World” revolved around Riley Matthew, who is a young teen girl. You will see how Riley and her best friend Maya Hart handle the social and personal issues that a young girl faces in adolescence.

You will usually see Riley’s school life, where her father, Cory, is a history teacher.

Seeing the series from other perspectives also depicts the struggle that parents go through in managing their teenage daughter and son.

girl meets world season 4

Riley’s parents go through a difficult time keeping Riley safe at the same time, giving her enough freedom to explore the World and make it hers.

One such incident that happened at the very start of season 1 was Riley and her Best friend Maya’s attempt to escape through the window to ride the subway. But their plan of sneaking out failed when Riley’s parents stopped them from doing so.

We often neglect how much struggle our parents go through in our upbringing and provide us with all the facilities to fight this cruel world. 

You will see these two different worlds from the first episode of season 1 to season 3. 

And I am sure, you will enjoy the series throughout seasons 1,2, and 3. 

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Girl Meets World Season 4 Release Date

But till now, we have the ending of Girls Meets the world season 3, where Riley and Maya make a promise to stay friends together for their entire life no matter what the World has planned for them.

Do you think the series had a perfect ending or should it have season 4?

Let’s see what the officials have to say about it

The tweet from the Girl Meets Writers has confirmed on 23rd May 2017, that they failed to find the right venue to film season 4 of this amazing series. 

I am not sure how valid the reason is but this what they said while they clearly said no Season 4 would be launching. 

The seriousness of this statement can be measured from fans going on Netflix and filling in Girl Meets World season 4, 5, and 6 in the Request Tv shows section.

You don’t trust me, see the Insta post below. Insta, but Twitter is also filled with such kinds of posts where fans are desperately waiting for season 4 and are not accepting no for an answer.


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girl meets world season 4

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Wrapping up

Are you one of them who is going to fill in the request for season 4? Or you are fine with season 3 as the ending of your favourite show”

I am really eager to know your answer, so spare 2 minutes from your schedule and put forward your opinion. 

Truly speaking, I am overwhelmed by the efforts the fans of “Girl Meets World” are putting forward to bring back Season 4; this is solely because of the impact the series had on its viewers, right?

But we still have to wait for any more updates about season 4; till then, keep surfing about your favorite movies and series on the website.