Will Smith: Sequel Of Hancock 2 What Will Be It All About?

The sequel to 2008’s Hancock has yet to happen, but if it does, director Peter Berg knows what the movie will be about. Fans of the original remember the exploits of Hancock (Will Smith), the superhero with drinking, attitude, and image problems. In the movie, Hancock rebrands himself with some help from a well-meaning publicist, Ray (Jason Bateman).

Hancock’s relationship with Ray and his son Aaron and wife Mary (Charlize Theron) leads to surprising revelations about Hancock’s past.

Will Smith: Box office hit

Hancock- box office hit, raking in $629.4 million worldwide — but the movie didn’t fare as well critically. Many thought Hancock’s premise was fresh, but the execution was poor.

Instead of exploring more deeply how the pressures of fame could wear down an immortal god, the story shifts into a lopsided convoluted love story, throwing in an unimpressive last-minute nemesis. The movie’s ending set the stage for the major characters to return, and a sequel seemed inevitable. While the Hancock sequel appeared to be confirmed, with Berg announcing the original cast would return for another film. Reportedly, in late 2009, the project was put on hold so Smith could spend time with his family.

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Standing Way To Deal

The only thing standing in the way of a second Hancock movie appeared to be scheduling conflicts because Berg had the plot outlined in 2009.

He told MTV News that the sequel would explore the backstories of Smith’s and Theron’s immortal gods and how they both wound up living in Los Angeles.

Bad boys For Life

All of the key players have been busy for the past eight years. Smith has appeared in Bad Boys for Life (a fourth movie is in the works) and in the live-action version of Aladdin. Berg is going to direct Netflix’s Painkiller, an eight-episode limited series about the origin of the opioid epidemic. Theron starred in another story about immortal gods, The Old Guard, which premiered on Netflix this month, and the movie’s ending begs for another installment; however, the Theron is still on board with doing a Hancock sequel. Theron told Comicbook in June 2020: Berg promised the tone would combine broad comedy with emotional drama.

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Source: BBC


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