Will Smith Says That Police Used Racial Slurs Against Him In Philadelphia

Will Smith spoke about his experience growing up in Philadelphia. And getting cursed with racial words from the law and enforcement itself. USA Today reported that Will Smith shared his experiences in a video conversation. Besides, it was with political activist Angela Rye. After all, he was speaking about Black life in America. Moreover, he says that he had been called racial slurs by the police. Also, he says that this happened on more than 10 occasions.

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He also said the experiences from the school he studied. There his white schoolmates also acted differently while cops were around. Besides, he says that “I got stopped frequently”. He continues “I understand what it’s like to be in those circumstances with the police.” Beyond all, Will says that many of the white students were happy when cops showed up and it was the time his heart started pounding.

He also shared his thoughts and the situation of Black Lives Matter protests happening across the country. Besides, he is also excited about the support the protesters got from the whole world around them. He says that the entire globe has stood up and said to the African American people that they see them and ready to help in every way

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