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Will Smith: Loses Some Of His Front Teeth During A Golf Session With Singer Jason Derulo! Click Here…

Will Smith

Source: Washington Post

Will Smith and Singer Jason Derulo were spotted having a match of Golf together. But something really bizarre happened during the match!

Will Smith Loses His Front Teeth!

The Hollywood star was seen having a lot of fun playing Golf with his friend Jason Derulo. But something really funny happened to Smith during their practice.

Source: Instagram

Smith lost some of his front teeth! Yes, Jason accidentally knocked of some of Smith’s front teeth. And that happened when Smith was trying to teach him some Golf skills as he was new to the game.

Post this Jason shared a video on Instagram which he captioned as ”I don’t like this game (tagging him).” And in the video Smith was seen smiling so as to show his missing teeth!

Later Jason also posted a picture with Smith captioning it as ”He’s finally embracing his new smile.”

The actor-rapper was looking quite funny with his missing teeth. But at the same time was looking very relaxed and in a leisurely mood.

In Recent News

Well the ‘Men in Black’ actor was in the headlines recently as his wife Jada Pinkett Smith had revealed about her affair. Since she told her husband about her affair with August Alsina during Red Table Talks, it had drown a lot of controversy.

Source: Getty Images

As there were speculations that the actor and his wife Jada might end their 23 year long marriage. But thankfully that didn’t happen. As both of them managed to save their marriage with their never ending efforts.

Apart from that he was also in news for not being happy about his son Jaden Smith’s sexuality. As he revealed that he is dating Tyler- The Creator.

According to the sources he doesn’t like Jaden’s boyfriend Tyler and thus can’t approve of this relationship.

Thus Smith has been involved in lot of personal controversies lately. But is trying his best not to get affected by any!

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