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Will Smith-Jaden Smith: Real Life Father-Son Duos Who Acted Together In Movies For Real!!


David Mudd

Will Smith-Jaden Smith, & other real-life father-son duos who acted in movies together and also made each other proud of their work. Read more about them here.

Hollywood actors who have equally popular sons have many times featured in the same film together. Many actors have waited for the right time and film to come in their way so that they could do a film together. Below we have listed a few such popular father-son pair who shared screen-space in reel life for successful film ventures-

Here Are Some Popular Real-Life Father And Sons Duo That Acted In Films together. Will Smith-Jaden Smith

In the year 2020, Jaden Smith and Will Smith featured in the film Men in Black II together. This father-son duo appeared in three films to date. After 2002, this duo portrayed the lead in 2006’s “The Pursuit of Happyness”. Jaden Smith starred alongside his famous dad in this film and reports say that the father had fun watching his son having fun on the set. The third film was ‘After Earth’ in which Jaden Smith and Will Smith featured together.

Will Smith and Jaden Smith
Source: BBC

Ben and Jerry Stiller After Will Smith-Jaden Smith

This comedy father-son duo, Ben and Jerry Stiller, have shared the screen in several films together. Ben and Jerry Stiller have appeared in four movies together. Jerry said in an interview with a leading daily that, his son always invited him and his wife on the sets of his film shooting, when he was working on a project. The four films in which they worked together were The Heartbreak Kid, Zoolander, Heavyweights, and Hot Pursuit. Jerry Stiller died in May 2020.

Trip Life Of Smith Family

So, the older Smith plays General Cypher Raige, a stern leader within the ranks of the Rangers, a task force similar to the Navy Seals. A computerized voice-over at the beginning of the trailer informs us that Kitai Raige, Cypher’s son, is denied entrance into the Rangers because he confuses “courage with recklessness,” consequently disappointing his militaristic father.

Will Smith-Jaden smith
Source: BBC