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Will Smith And Jada Smith: Is All Well Between The Couple? Have They Succeeded In Saving Their Marriage? Read More..

Will Smith and Jada Pinket Smith have been married since 1997. And that means 23 years of togetherness. Where does their relationship stand now?

Will Smith And Jada Smith’s Present Relationship

The couple have been together since 23 years. And that makes them a power couple because in spite of having many ups and downs they have always managed to be together.

Will Smith
Source: US Weekly

But this time it was something different as the issue involved infidelity to some extent. It started when Jada revealed about her affair to Will Smith in the Red Table Show. As she said the she was in entanglement with Singer August Alsina when she was still married.

And this shocking revelation made Will and Jada a controversial couple. But it is also to be noted that what Jada cannot be considered as adultery. Because at that point of time Will and her marriage was on the rocks.

Therefore during the Red Table Talk, Will said that he was done with her. And they needed to get separated to find their own happiness. And at that period of their separation Jada found solace in Alsina.

Will Smith
Source: Daily mail

After her revelation naturally there were rifts between the couple. But 23 years of togetherness is never and joke. And hence Will and Jada didn’t give up and tried their best in saving their marriage.

Hopefully they have even succeeded. Even Will decided not to overreacted and cooperated with his wife to get things back to normal. As they were seen vacationing in luxury resorts after the revelation, it looked like they never gave up.

And that they want to save their marital relationship at any cost.

How Did Jada’s Revelation Affect Their Children?

Jada and Will Smith have two children Jaden Smith and Willow Smith. It is very natural for children to get affected when their parents are having issues with each other. And in this case things were more complicated as their mother had revealed about her affair.

Will Smith
Source: Independent

But it looked like Will and Jada shielded their children very well. On the other hand we can also say that both Jaden and Willow have handled all the drama quite maturely. As Willow was seen accompanying her parents to the resort after Jada’s revelation.

And Jaden was engrossed with his own life. As just after the controversy he was seen chilling and the beach with his friends. Apart from that he is also busy with his professional commitments. As his music video ‘Cabin Fever’ was premiered recently.

Therefore it can be said that Will and Jada are trying to handle their marriage and family quite maturely and we hope that their nuptial knot remains intact forever!

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