Will Metaverse Lose Significant Money In Short Duration: Mark Zuckerberg


Mohit Kamboj


Metaverse is the new concept in the field of Cryptocurrency. This is becoming the base of many huge projects and businesses. The exchanges are looking forward to including these Metaverses in their lists for their users. Ranging from the gaming industry to NFTs, Metaverse is the base for building everything. If you are interested in crypto mining, you can carry out all the above trading strategies on a platform such as Bitcoin Motion.

The market of Metaverse is becoming more famous and attracting investors over time. But, Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, is sharing the opinion that in a short period the space of Meta will face a huge loss. If your plan is to earn profits from a long-term process then Metaverse may be a good option for you. But, during the short-run process, it will have to face losses. This is the opinion of Mark Zuckerberg.

On The Topic Of Metaverse

A meeting was held on 26th May among the shareholders’ where the CEO expressed his views about the concept of Metaverse. He also believes that the reels of Instagram based on the platform will keep up with the current growth in its revenue.

  • Mark says that the entire space of Meta in Metaverse may face losses in the coming five years.
  • This loss will, in turn, put the shares of the company in losses as well.
  • The value of Meta is facing a downfall in recent times and came down by around 43.4%.
  • The financial report presented in Q1 for the current year shows that the platform is showing very poor performance.
  • Despite all of these factors, the CEO has high hopes that it will generate profit in the long run.

Zuckerberg believes that the platform will show great performance in the long period again. In the short term, it is facing certain losses and these losses will be covered up over time by this Metaverse.

Meta And Several Projects

The platform Meta has involvement in various large projects. It is showing the features of a Metaverse by launching several fresh initiatives. After initiating several projects, it is now moving forward to launch hardware gadgets that will have an important role. Due to such a process, it will be possible for the users to experience the space of Metaverse in virtual mode.

  • In this aspect, the company has launched the first hardware outlet, where the users can test and try the appliances.
  • Also, the brand has its currency so that the users can use it in its program and it is one of its key features.
  • The total amount spent on designing the Metaverse of its company alone is 10 Billion USD.
  • To achieve all the visions and plans of Mark, the number of employees in the company at the current period is 10,000. The aim is to hire another 10,000 in the future.

In the meeting of the board, the conclusion found is that their products are embodied internet. Due to this, their products will sustain for another 15 years. This is so because all the users are getting immersed in the digital world at a higher rate.

Will Metaverse Lose Its Importance

There are advanced technologies present in recent times like that of the AIs. In the presence of these technologies, the renowned and top executives show the least interest in Metaverse. But the CEOs of several brands have been showing interest and working with Metaverse.

But, a fraction of CEOs feel like this space cannot play any big role in their businesses. The main aim of many businesses is now to achieve complete digitalization and other such factors.

There are several major reasons for such behavior, according to the study by Gartner. After the global pandemic, businesses are now aiming to change their methods of operation.


It is not easy to predict whether Meta will face a loss in the true sense or not. But several employees of the company, both present and former as well, reveal the fact that Mark only has his interest in the Metaverse.

He believes it to be the technology of the future times, but he does not have an exact strategy for this. Also, it involves a huge amount of capital. Billions of dollars have been invested in this project. But, Meta also faced losses in contrast to this fact.