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Will Kali Return in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2?


Aditi Deshinge

Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 was released on Netflix on 27th of May 2022 and took a deep dive into Eleven’s past. The series starts with a flashback of Dr. Brenner who is experimenting on children in 1979 and it confirms that eleven is not only child who had telekinetic powers in the Hawkins Lab.

There are some kids who participate in exercises every day to increase their telekinetic abilities. A much younger eleven struggles to fit in with the other children in Hawkins Lab and she is ostracized by them.

Her struggles to control her powers makes her look weak to them, but she is the strongest one out of all others which is known by Brenner. Moreover, the past is quite exciting and confirms more telekinetic children. Unfortunately It also explains why Eleven was the only child with powers to be discovered.

We Haven’t Seen Stranger Thing’s 008 Since the Second Season!!!

In 1979, a mysterious incident happens that kill every single child of Hawkins Lab with the exception of Eleven. Staff members are also killed in this incident, however Brenner and Elven gets survived. This is the reason why Eleven be the only test subject for Brenner later.

But still it doesn’t explained what happened to 008 aka Kali which is portrayed by Linnea Berhelsen.

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Who is 008?

Audience have seen in the second season that there was one other child with telekinetic powers who was still alive. The season starts with a young girl in Pennsylvania who has an 008 tattoo on her arm and she has psychic powers which allows her to make other people see things.

But she is not using these powers for good means and instead uses them to form a criminal gang that robs banks.

We Haven’t Seen Stranger Thing’s 008 Since the Second Season!!!

At the same time Eleven is tired of being holed up in Jim Hopper’s home and she leaved it in search of her mother Terry Ives.

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What Happened to Kali?

Last we have seen Kali in episode 7 of the second season of Stranger Things where she escapes the police with her gang and Eleven leaves. Moreover she is mentioned in the fourth season by Peter Ballard. In a flashback he had a conversation with Eleven and he briefly mentions Kali isn’t present at lab at that time.

It means that she escaped the Hawkins lab before the massacre and so she is alive.

Will Kali Return in Stranger Things Season 4 Volume 2?

The reason behind Kali is important because Stranger Things seems to be building up to come back of Kali. She was the only child with psychic powers and so she is special. All other child of Hawkins lab are practically clones of 001 and all have the similar telekinetic powers.

008 is the only one who can make projections as well as hallucinations with her mind. She can conjure up visuals of spiders, walls or even make herself and others invisible.

The only other one who seems to have this mind manipulation power is Vecna. It never been explained why Kali’s powers are different, however similarity to Vecna can not be a coincidence. It could means that she must be connected to Vecna or that her powers are key to stop him.

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