Will Grand Hotel be renewed for Season 2?

Grand Hotel Season 2 is a demanding TV series which is based on the story of a hotel. But whether will it be on our screen?

Do you like mysteries? If you like then exactly you are at the right place. Grand Hotel is one of the best American mystery drama television series.


As the name suggests, it might be about any hotel having crispy and delicious recipes…….Don’t you like tasty food? I’m sure you like the most…..

I just want someone to utter these three magic words to me: “I brought food.”

Grand Hotel is set at the Riviera Grand Hotel. This is the last hotel owned by a family in Miami Beach. The series follows the owner named Santiago Mendoza, his 2nd wife called Gigi, their children and the staff of Riviera.

Grand Hotel becomes demand and immense desire of all the lovers of this series. As the 1st Season has fabulous ending so all the fans are excited to know everything about the 2nd Season of Grand Hotel.

Before moving further with the info let me ask you something to make more familiar with the series…………..

Have you enjoyed the previous season of Grand Hotel? Some of us might not seen…….For those who haven’t seen the IMDb Rating of the series is given below that may help you to know how popular the series is…………

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The article has all the relevant info about the 2nd Season of Grand Hotel like what actually happens in the series, who plays the main role in the series, when the 2nd Season will come, the trailer of Grand Hotel, the IMDb rating of the series and more…………

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Grand Hotel Season 2

Grand Hotel Season 2 is nothing else but an American mystery drama TV series which is developed by Brian Tanen. It is completely based on the Spanish TV series named Gran Hotel which is created by Ramon Campos and Gema R. Neira.

The 1st Season of the series was premiered on ABC on 17th June, 2019. The stars of this series are Demian Bichir, Roselyn Sanchez, Denyse Tontz, Bryan Craig, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Lincoln Younes, Anne Winters, Feliz Ramirez and Justina Adorno. Ramon Campos and Eva Longoria are the executive producers of Grand Hotel.

Now, it’s turn to know about the 2nd Season of Grand Hotel……….

When will Grand Hotel Season 2 premiere? |The Release Date

After the 1st Season of Grand Hotel, the series has been cancelled in October 2019. Grand Hotel Season 2 of ABC doesn’t have reservations to come in the future.


The 1st and the final Season of Grand Hotel wrapped on 9th September. Finally, the series has been cancelled so there won’t be a 2nd Season of Grand Hotel.

That might be disappointing for all the fans that are eagerly waiting to enjoy the 2nd Season.

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Who are the Casting Characters of Grand Hotel?

  • Demián Bichir as Santiago Mendoza
  • Roselyn Sanchez as Gigi Mendoza, the wife of Santiago
  • Denyse Tontz as Alicia Mendoza, the daughter of Santiago
  • Bryan Craig as Javi Mendoza, disabled playboy son of Santiago
  • Lincoln Younes as Danny, a waiter at the Riviera
  • Shalim Ortiz as Mateo, the hotel manager
  • Anne Winters as Ingrid, a housekeeper at Riviera
  • Chris Warren as Jason Parker
  • Feliz Ramirez as Carolina
  • Justina Adorno as Yoli

These are the main characters of the series that made the series loving for all the fans (including me)………….

Why is the series Grand Hotel Season 2 cancelled?

The low rating of the series is the main reason behind the cancellation of the 2nd Season of Grand Hotel. Also the pilot was dead at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach which is at the back of the hotel in May 2018.


Is there any trailer of Grand Hotel Season 2?

As I told you above that the series got cancellation after the 1st Season, so there is no official trailer for the 2nd Season. But if you haven’t seen the 1st Season then here is the official trailer of the series that may help you to know more about the series in depth………

What is the IMDb Rating of Grand Hotel?

The series (Grand Hotel) got the IMDb Rating 7.1 out of 10 with 3,014 votes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Did Santiago die in the series named, Grand Hotel?

In the darkness, a shadow shot killed Santiago.

Will Grand Hotel available on Netflix?

As the series cancelled after the 1st Season and was run by ABC network, therefore the series will not come on Netflix.

Will Grand Hotel come on ABC?

No, the series will not come on ABC as the series was cancelled by ABC so there is no chance for Grand Hotel to take place on ABC.

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Grand Hotel Season 2 is one of the best mystery TV series which takes a significant place in the hearts of all the fans (including me) but it won’t come on our screen. This is just because it was cancelled by ABC………Let’s wait for any miracle that may bring the series back with the 2nd Season……….