Will Comedy-Drama Series “The Ranch Season 5” Will Be Back On Screen?


David Mudd

It is usually considered that comedy movies and series offers immersive storyline with high-end delight. And in today’s era, everyone wants a sigh of relief from their hectic schedule. So, the call for comedy movies is increasing rapidly.

On top of it, the comedy admirers crowd is expanding readily. Thus, the fans are appealing to the producers to come up with The Ranch Season 5. If you have a bit of knowledge about the series then you must be knowing that the series is a comedy-drama show.

Then, fans are wanted to know- Should they expect the series from Ranch Hand Productions. Let’s now, know the exact scenario.

Moving towards the information:

The Ranch:

The American binge-watching comedy and drama series The Ranch has successfully completed its four seasons whereas each season consists of 20 episodes from 1 April 2016 to 24 January 2020. These 20 episodes were turned into two parts each part containing 10 episodes and the runtime of each installment was approximately 30 minutes.

Do you know how the director and story writer decides the name of each episode? Well, to your surprise each episode title is named on the American country songs. Furthermore, the show was generated by Don Reo and Jin Patterson along with the producers Jamie Rhonkeimer, Steve Tompkins, and Sam Elliott.

The series is officially distributed on Netflix Streaming services and the production company for the same is Ranch Hand Productions. Thus, they named the series “The Ranch”.

With a great rating of 7.5 from IMDb and the series is the follower’s top-most choice and the masses are keen to acquire updates of The Ranch Season 5 that hooked the audience with an intriguing storyline.

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The Ranch Season 5: Renewal Status:

Since the previous episodes were a great hit, onlookers have been waiting for season 5 but the occurrence of season 5 seems quite gloomy. The producers, the director nor any authorized source has confirmed the series. So, the chances for its comeback are quite less.

The Ranch Season 5

Originally, it was decided by the makers that the show will be having five seasons, and accordingly, the key protagonist of the show signed for the series before it was launched.

But regretfully, Netflix and the other team members chose to finish the series with four episodes containing 80 episodes. It seems that the showrunner is happy with the ending of the series and doesn’t have any further plans to renew the series with The Ranch season 5.

It is recommendable that you shouldn’t hope much from the series has the show makers are glad about the ending and they consider four seasons are complete in themselves.

Is there any Season 9 of The Ranch:

There is a lot of confusion among the fans-followers of the series about the seasons of The Ranch. Onlookers are demented about the number of seasons of the show. This confusion prevails because Netflix had divided the seasons into two parts and each season of the series was split by Netflix like this:

Season 1: Part 1 and Part 2

Installment 2: Part 3 and Part 4

Season 3: Part 5 and Part 6

Installment 4: Part 7 and Part 8

Thus, the last installment of the series was entitled Part 8, so that’s the reason why some of the followers were asking for season 9. Actually, they were asking for part nine.

There will be no season 5 or part 9 in the future as makers are not showing any interest in all these.

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The Ranch Season 5: Release Date:

As of now, the show premiere date has not been confirmed nor the series fifth installment has been officially announced by the makers. It is anticipated that the series will not be having further parts. Till now, there will be no further episode to relish us.

If there will be any change in the future then definitely we will let know. But for all the updates you have to stay tuned with the website.


It is really a hard situation for all the hardcore fans as the series future seems quite dark. Complete detailed information has been shared with you. So, that you don’t have any confusion still yu are having then just write in the note section.

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