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Wilds 2: Plot | Trailer | Release Date


David Mudd

The Wilds is the new surprise from Amazon Prime Video. The series follows the journey of eight girls who must come to terms with who they are and develop a harmonious bond to survive. The show explores almost the same idea as Lost but with a big twist. Season 1 of the show premiered for the first time on 11 th December 2020. Wilds 2 is a must watch!

The story revolves around eight teenage girls who are stranded on a beach, seemingly disconnected from the normal world. The creators of the show have openly said that  Lost gave them the faith that multiple timelines for different storylines can be done and if conducted properly, it will serve the plot well. 

Check out the article below to know everything about  The Wilds season 2  possible plot development, cast, release date and many other things. 

Plot of Wilds 2

The story starts when a plane crash leaves 8 teenage girls, who were going to join a retreat called Dawn of Eve, stranded on an island, far off from civil society. Their challenge to survive together and maintain harmony all along is the purpose of the experiment.

This is just the beginning. The facts revealed later turn out to be shocking. The plane crash was fake in the first place. The entire thing was part of a premeditated experiment. 

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The Experiment in Wilds 2

Turns out that Dawn of Eve is not a wellness-oriented organization as it claimed to be. The Head Of Organization Gretchen Kelley is running a social experiment through which she wants to prove the horror of toxic masculinity. She theorizes that when put under severe conditions women are far more capable of coming together as a community and survive than men, who will resort to the crudest form of violence. 

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Gretchen Kleins cause

Gretchen Kelly is the head of the project called Dawn of Eve. Previously, she projected her organization as a spa retreat to lure the girls in to make them participate in her weird, cruel, completely illegal and unethical project to prove the toxic side of men. Her hatred for male hegemony stems from the fact that he son killed her boyfriend. She believes that violence in men is inherent and men have no right to lead. This is probably the reason for the tcactwilight of Adam.

The Island 

The girls find things about each other. The flashbacks show their previous lives and the things they went through. We learn that they all have endured severe traumas in their lives. These girls, it seems, were chosen deliberately for this project. They all suffered at the hand of patriarchy and so Gretchen feels that ultimately they will understand her perspective and purpose. 

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Secret Agents 

the official cast of the wilds 2
Featuring the cool cast of The Wilds 2!

Nora and Jeanette were the secret agents recruited by Gretchen so that she could keep track of every little detail. Gretchen met them before all this and found their stories are living testaments of how their lives have been severely impacted by a toxic society created and maintained by male hegemony. This gives her further encouragement to continue her questionable methods of experiment.

Finally, Jeanette dies on the island and Nora, still alive, gets discovered by Leah. 

Mysterious Rescue 

After the shark attack, the girls are shown to be interviewed by FBI agents. It is not yet shown what happened between the two events. Later one of the agents sympathizes with the girls and helps them. But it is unclear if all this is part of the elaborate scheme. 

Season 2 

a glimpse from wilds 2
Featuring a still from the Wilds 2!

Season 2 of the Wilds has a lot of explaining to do. Gretchen’s illegal and unethical experimentation and her stability as the head of projects are questionable. Season 2 will have to answer for the mysterious rescue of the girls too. At the same time, the girls find another project called The Twilight of Adam where we see some teenage boys in another remote location just like the girls. 

The filming of season 2 began in April and the series is expected to release in early 2022. It is produced by Amazon studio and ABC signature.

The Cast of Wilds 2

the team of the wilds 2
The amazing team of Wilds 2!

It is strongly hoped that the main cast of survivors will be returning for Season 2. This includes Sophia Ali as Fatin Jadmani, Shannon Berry as Dot Campbell, Jenna Clause as Martha Blackburn, Reign Edwards as Rachel Reid, Mia Healey as Shelby Goodkind, Helena Howard as Nora Reid, Erana James as Toni Shalifoe, and Sarah Pidgeon as Leah Rilke. The second season will also bring back trauma psychologist Daniel Faber (David Sullivan), the man who claims he’s an FBI agent, Dean Young (Troy Winbush), and the head of the Dawn of Eve program, Gretchen Klein (Rachel Griffith).

Availability of Wilds 2

Season 1 is available on Amazon Prime Video. 


The Wilds, with its all-female lead, is one of the most popular shows as of now. This adventure drama and extreme level of social experiments on children are equivalent to puppetry. It has quite a Hunger Games vibe to it. And Viewers are loving it. 

We know that fans are waiting in suspense for the next season with their head filled with lots of questions. You can always let us know