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Instructions By:- Riya Singh

Yoga has its own benefits as they create long term impact on to the human beings as it is gaining immense popularity over the years. It’s been four years since i am practicing yoga and in these years what i felt was inner peace, stress-free life. As people do yoga to detoxify their body and to remove the negativity from life.

Yoga plays a main role to boost confidence, self-esteem and it has many positive impact on health and body. I feel that diseases can be cure by medicines but to finish the problem from the root there is only one way called yoga as it takes time but it increase patience power and endurance power in human beings.


India developed yoga originally because yoga take cares of your spiritual, mental and physical well being.

The aim of the yoga enthusiasts are extremely varied some are particularly inspired by spiritual element that yoga provides , others by the increased fitness and flexibility that it results in.


As some people find solutions to suffering from health disorders and there are others who achieve all round development of calm, peace, happiness and stress-free mind and a fit body.

I experienced magic’s in my life by practicing yoga and meditation as both goes hand in hand as a yoga practitioner i would suggest to start doing yoga for a healthy , peaceful and a happy life.


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