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Why Women Kill Season 3: Paramount+ Drama Is Yet to Be Released!

Are the fan of dark comedy series along with murder and thriller dramas? If you will get both in one series then what will you do? You will get so excited when all your favourite things are available in the one bowl or series.

Want to fresh your time by watching a massive successful drama which may be your favourite one. Let’s start with the drama “Why Women Kill Season 3” and what we know so far about this show.

If you are one of the subscribers of Paramount+ then you definitely know about the series Why Women Kill and you definitely loved the show.

Honestly two previous seasons helped us a lot for making your day happy by giving these types of series at the time of summers.

Are you expecting the same that this new season will be renewed by September 2021 and we all will get the new season this year.

why women kill season 3

Unfortunately this will not happen this year and you know it because of a pandemic which delays the production of each and every series and that’s why the second season also comes late after a gap of 1 year as the first season of this American Drama came in 2019.

What are your expectations from the new season if you know the story of the first two one’s. Do you think the new season of Why Women Kill will start to air in the beginning of 2022 or in the summers of the next year.

Both the previous seasons are good and what will be the plot of the third season, any guesses from the audience’s side? Will the third season conclude the series by covering the story of the first two seasons or will the series continue until the people love the show.

The first season focuses on the murder while the other season shook things and the things in the second season are different from the first one.

From the audience’s side both seasons will receive warm responses and if you ask me whether I liked the series or not, then my answer to your question is I personally loved the series.

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As the show is popular and entertains most of the people, its horror comedy which centers around happenings which are strange and how women have gone crazy over the murders.

But the question from the start is why the new season of Why Women Kill Season did not come out and when we will see it? Is the new season even going to be released or not? There are many doubts in your mind which are to be answered in this article.

Why Women Kill Season 3: Renewal Status

why women kill season 3

This series is absolutely a good and one of the popular series on Paramount+ and if you haven’t watched this series then you have to watch this drama which is loved by the fans and the audience for the two year.

The second season got its renewal status at the time of the ending episode of the first season. So why the third season didn’t get a renewal at the finale of the previous or the second season?

At the time of the second season renewal or the finale of the first season, the network was so confident about their show that’s why they announced the second season in a short period of time but not the same in the case of the 3rd season.

This time no official news is heard about the announcement by Paramount and it simply means the show hasn’t been renewed yet as no official renewal status has come out from the side of the network.

And some guesses are also considered that things are not a good time or the season will come next year as the production will start late due to pandemic.

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Release Date of Why Women Kill Season 3

why women kill season 3

The first season of this American drama came in 2019 and then in a short period of time they gave a signal to renew the second show which came this year as the shooting of the second season stopped due to coronavirus as all industry and everything was shutted down in 2020.

However, the show is not renewed until October and if any miracle happens or the show will get greenlit then we will think about its new season window date. Till that time there is no release date for the Why Women Kill Season 3.

Where to Watch Why Women Kill Seasons?

You can stream both seasons of Why Women Kill Seasons on different platforms like-

Terminating Words

In the above article we have discussed all the things which you are finding about its new season that is Why Women Kill Season 3 and we are just expecting that the new season will hopefully come in 2022 in the the mid or in the winter as till at this time of writing the article no renewal news is heard for the third season of Why Women Kill.

We will see when Marc Cherry renews the series and gives all of us new branded seasons. But till this moment no official announcement is made by Paramount+ for the third season.

On IMDB the whole series received 8.3 ratings out of 10 which is based on a lot of user reviews and for ratings and reviews IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes are preferred by most of the users.

The show tells about the life of the 8 humans and what they feel and the life of the human is felt with loneliness, happiness, beautiful things and there are many more to think about it. Read More: Solos: Amazon Prime Video Sci-fi Drama!

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