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Why Was Daniel Caesar Canceled? Discover Rise And Fall Of Promising Artist!

Why was Daniel Caesar canceled for more than a year when formerly extremely popular? His rise and fall are exceptional. He shifted from a promising and popular performer to joining the long list of “canceled” superstars. The users on Twitter have attempted to make sure that he remains canceled. It is unusual for celebrities.

What Led To the Canceling Of Daniel Caesar?

In 2019, R&B artist Daniel Caesar was the target of a homophobic joke from comedian Dave Chappelle who apparently is quite rich. He got a lot of support and sympathy for it. But it appears that any support he may have gained from his audience has now been lost.

Daniel Caesar came to Instagram Live in March 2019 to express his dissatisfaction and support for YesJulz. YesJulz is a white social media celebrity who was being criticized by members of the Black community for abusing their culture. YesJulz had previously targeted Black media stars, Karen Civil and Scottie Beam. He also has faced controversy after a screenshot of her wearing a t-shirt with a nasty message regarding Black people appeared.

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In an Instagram Live session, Canadian R&B musician Daniel Caesar defended the scandals of YesJulz. He wondered why people were so cruel to Julz and white people in general. He felt that this behavior did not promote equality.

He felt he did not want to be treated as if he couldn't take a joke. Daniel accepted that white people had been cruel to Black people in the past. But he saw nothing to do other than develop understanding and push forward to bridge the divide.Why Was Daniel Caesar Canceled

After defending YesJulz, Daniel Caesar challenged the Black community to cancel him. They did just that in response. They weren't as enthusiastic about his sophomore record as they were about his debut. The audience criticized everything about the singer, including his appearance. He did not leave the chance to make fun of the gap in his teeth.

What Was The Issue Ceaser Was Talking About?

The video appeared to be a response to YesJulz receiving backlash for mentioning two Black female entrepreneurs in a way that was perceived as disrespectful during an interview. YesJulz attempted to defend herself from accusations of being a “culture vulture” for her position in the Miami hip-hop community and as a host. It resulted in Twitter users defending the Black entrepreneurs and accusing YesJulz of cultural appropriation and racism. It was perhaps not the case.

Fans on Twitter criticized Daniel Caesar for attempting to defend her and her accusation. People joked that he had entered the Sunken Place. Daniel Caesar might have stated that he did not worry about getting “canceled” at the time. But he only had one album with Kanye West (who himself is controversial) and many cherished successes At that time may have come regretted his words s. Kanye West Created One Controversy After Another.

What  Ceaser Has To Say About His Behaviour?

Daniel Caesar apologized again during an Apple Music interview.  He already offered an apology just a few days after his Instagram rage in March 2019.

Daniel Caesar claimed that he needed some time to process what went on after his defense of YesJulz. He confessed that after thinking he realized he had made a mistake and apologized for his actions. At that time he felt that he could do or say whatever he pleased without consequence. But he soon realized that, as physics states every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

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He found peace in knowing that the repercussions he was facing were the result of his own actions. He blamed himself for starting things rolling by knocking over the domino.

Why Was Daniel Caesar Canceled

Daniel Caesar also spoke about his feelings regarding the backlash he received from his peers in the music industry. He expressed how he had learned not to trust the opinions of strangers on the internet. However, it was difficult for him to see people he cared about being hurt by his actions. He realized that it was because those people knew him personally. He felt that his ego had gotten the best of him.


Caesar looks to have had plenty of time to reflect and own his mistakes. The question is, will the same Black music enthusiasts who called him out four years ago now give him another chance and enjoy his music?

As per Black Twitter, quite a few of Caesar's supporters continued to listen to his songs, and some even forgot the cause for his prior cancellation. This is most likely owing to the good response to his most recent album, NEVER ENOUGH.

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