Why Tom Cruise Divorces His Wives? Here Is What We Believe!



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Why Tom Cruise Divorces His Wives?

Tom Cruise, who was in Top Gun: Maverick, had a successful year, and the movie he was in ended up being one of the most financially successful movies released in 2022. A short while ago, he also demonstrated his life-threatening stunt from Mission Impossible 7, which is widely considered to be the most dangerous stunt in the annals of film history.

Fans have observed a remarkable pattern in his personal relationships, particularly his marriages, and, setting aside his professional accomplishments, this pattern is particularly noticeable in his marriages. As it turns out, Tom Cruise has never wed a woman who was older than 33 at the time of their marriage.

Why Tom Cruise Divorces His Wives

After getting married to Mimi Rogers in 1987, he eventually decided to divorce her in 1990, when she turned the age of 33. His marriage to Nicole Kidman lasted from 1990 to 2001, while his marriage to Katie Holmes lasted from 2006 until 2012. Both of his ex-wives filed for divorce when they were 33 years old. If you thought that was unusual, just wait till you see the next pattern in Tom Cruise’s marriages.

All of Tom Cruise’s exes have been 11 years younger than the one that came before them. At this moment in time, Mimi Rogers is 66 years old, Nicole Kidman is 55 years old, and Katie Holmes is 44 years old.

Why Tom Cruise Divorces His Wives

Because of this, people are quite skeptical of the pattern of marriages that Tom Cruise has had in the past. Some people believe it is just a fantastic coincidence, while others believe he is performing some kind of ritual for the Scientology organization, which he is a member of.

This is strikingly similar to the practice of Leonardo Di Caprio, who made news last year for his unusual habit of dating women who are quite a bit younger than him and then breaking up with them when they turn 25. This was the practice that led to Leonardo Di Caprio making headlines. This damaging practice of older men preying on younger women in the entertainment industry was brought to light as a result of the widespread criticism that was directed on Leonardo Di Caprio for the nature of his romantic relationships.

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