Why Matt Lauer Divorced Annette Roque? From A Loved To A Strained Relationship


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It has taken a while since Matt Lauer divorced Annette Roque. It was earlier revealed that on July 2, 61-year-old Lauer and 52-year-old Roque filed for divorce in Suffolk County Court in New York. Yet, the two already dealt with accusations that their relationship was strained before Lauer was unceremoniously removed from the Today show for unprofessional conduct in November 2017. Let’s look back at their protracted divorce process.

Roque Formal Divorce To Matt Lauer

Roque formally files for divorce in July 2019. On July 2, Roque petitioned the Suffolk County Court in New York for divorce from Lauer. Lauer and Roque complete their divorce in September 2019.

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On September 5, a Suffolk County Supreme Court judge authorized the divorce of Lauer and Roque, a court spokesperson Lucian Chalfen told ET. Many of the reasons which led to this are mentioned

Matt Lauer and Annette Roque Filed For Divorce Before

Roque filed for divorce from Lauer in September 2006, but they subsequently mend fences. In October 1998, model and equestrian Roque wed Lauer. Yet in September 2006, some eight years after they had been married, she filed for divorce from him before ultimately withdrawing the paperwork, according to The New York Daily News.

Roque allegedly accused Lauer of “cruel and inhumane behaviors,” claimed that Lauer was domineering about “even the tiniest decisions,” and claimed that he displayed “severe rage and animosity” towards her, all according to documents first obtained by the National Enquirer. They eventually made amends.

Matt Lauer Cheating Rumors

In July 2016, Lauer refuted rumors that he had slept with Natalie Morales. The sexual misconduct allegations against Lauer were not the first to be made against him over his relationship with Roque.

He and his former Today co-anchor Natalie Morales refuted claims that they were having an affair in 2016, which is said to be what caused her to depart the morning program. Lauer told The New York Post that “every component of this narrative is false, and it’s honestly awful that someone would make lies to hurt everyone involved.”

Matt Lauer Divorced Annette Roque

This story is simply ludicrous, and there is absolutely no truth to it,” Morales continued. “I have validated myself in all facets of my job as a news expert and journalist, and I am adding to my position, taking on three jobs with Access Hollywood Live and Access Hollywood, in addition to Today. This decision was determined by me and my ambition to advance in my career. Any presumptions beyond that are ignorant.”

Matt Lauer Further Misconduct Charges

After charges of sexual misconduct, Lauer is fired from the Today show in November 2017. On November 29, 2017, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb of the Today show made a poignant on-air announcement that Lauer, who began work on the NBC morning program in 1994, had been fired from the network as a result of sexual misconduct claims.

According to a source at NBC, Lauer was fired after a woman accused him of engaging in “sexual misconduct” throughout 2014, including at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, according to NBC source ET at the time. In a Variety article, three additional women said that the well-known TV personality had harassed them sexually.

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Three days later, Lauer released a statement in which he apologized to his loved ones but did not specifically mention Roque. No words can adequately explain his sadness and regret for the suffering his words and deeds had brought upon others. “I sincerely apologize to everyone I have offended. After I finish writing this, I become aware of the serious harm and sadness I have caused both at home and at NBC.

Matt Lauer Divorced Annette Roque

Even though some of what is being stated about me is false or inaccurate, these stories have enough truth to make me feel humiliated and embarrassed. I regret that the people I hold dearly now share my disgrace. It will take a lot of time and introspection to repair the damage, but I’m determined to start the process.

I currently work on it full-time. The statement added, “It’s been humiliating. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by the people I care about. I appreciate their grace and compassion. Roque, however, has never spoken out about Lauer or done an interview about him.

Lauer and Roque Will Never Be Together Again

There was no chance for Lauer and Roque to get back together, a source told ET three months after his sexual misconduct incident. The insider claimed that Annette was done being Matt’s devoted wife. “Their union is totally over. At this moment, all they have left to do is to finalize their divorce and to split their assets.” After a month, a source told ET that Lauer was coming to terms with the fact that they would never be back together.

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