What Experiences Have Contributed to Jessie J’s ‘huge Sense of Guilt’?



Jessie J is a popular singer and songwriter, who has shared her deep sense of guilt associated with her experience related to infertility, child loss, and judgment of fellow mothers. She and her partner, Chanan Safir Colman are blessed with a baby boy. However, she has openly addressed all the challenges, she faced during her pregnancy in the media.

Through this post, I have delved into Jessie J’s journey through motherhood, her advocacy efforts, and her experiences with her sense of self and societal perceptions of success. Let’s shed light on Jessie J’s advice to new mothers and the criticism.


Jessica Ellen Cornish

27 March 1988 (age 36)

London, England
  • Singer
  • songwriter
Years active 2005–present
  • Discography
  • songs recorded
  • concert tours
Children 1

Who is Jessie J?

The real name of Jessie J is Jessica Ellen Cornish who was born on 27 March 1988 in London, England. She is a renowned English singer and songwriter, known professionally as Jessie J. She was born and raised in London. She has had a keen interest in singing since the beginning of her life.

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Why Jessie J Has a 'Huge Sense of Guilt'

That’s why, she embarked on her journey from her childhood years of 11 with a role in the West End musical Whistle Down the Wind. Before signing with Gut Records, she studied at the BRIT School. Therefore, she has garnered a strong fanbase because of her skill in conveying emotions effectively through music.

Why Jessie J Has a ‘Huge Sense of Guilt’?

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Jessie J has addressed the subject of her huge sense of guilt in the spotlight. Her past struggles with motherhood have shaped her perspective over time. She had gone through infertility and child loss. Despite these challenges in her life, she and her partner, Chanan Safir Colman, welcomed their son Sky into the world last May.

There is no doubt in the fact that she has faced numerous emotional challenges during her pregnancy. She has navigated the complexities of childbirth in the media. She is confident about what she has experienced, which is not a similar case for other parents. Before proceeding further, take a look at Tom Cruise’s plastic surgery before and after. Has he undergone plastic surgery?

How Did Jessie J’s Perspective on Pregnancy and Birth Change Over Time?

Jessie J is always conscious about what she says about her child because of her previous struggles and losses. After welcoming her son, her perspective has shifted as she takes on the responsibilities of being a mother with a deep sense of gratitude but also carries a sense of guilt.

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However, she has shed light on those mothers who face fertility challenges. She has spoken about all the challenges and struggles with huge guilt at an event at Outernet London to mark 20 years of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign.

Jessie J explained, “For years and years and years, that’s what I spoke about and now I’m on the other side, I feel a huge sense of guilt in some way because I know so many women and men are struggling.” Do not miss out on reading, Eugenia Cooney’s remarkable comeback.

She added, “So when you do have a baby, you have to understand it’s the most relatable and conversational thing you can talk about with someone but also the most unique experience and you have to understand that it’s your experience and it’s not the same as someone else’s.”

What Kind of Criticism Has Jessie J Faced?

Why Jessie J Has a 'Huge Sense of Guilt'

Jessie J has openly discussed “savage” criticism from fellow mothers that she has faced during her pregnancy. She has highlighted the harsh judgment and harsh realities of societal pressures and expectations faced by new parents. She said, “You’re allowed to be sad, you’re allowed to be OK, you’re allowed to want to go back to work two weeks, six months, two years later, whatever it is that works for you, it really is such a personal experience.”

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Additionally, she included, “Honestly, I’ve never experienced such savage people as mums. They’re the most judgmental; they can be so savage. You have to give yourself grace, like you’ve just grown a whole human inside your body and birthed it outside of your body.”

How Does Jessie J Advise New Mothers?

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Jessie J has learned a lot of lessons from her experience, so she decided to offer such lessons to new mothers. She specifies, “I think that would be my advice, just to give yourself grace, be patient, and understand you gave birth to a whole other person. You can only do it your way.”

She said: “I’d love to see more women and girls and more people in their natural environment, in their natural. In short, she tries to encourage mothers to navigate the challenges of motherhood with self-compassion and understanding. Check out, Dua Lipa on the importance of not wishing your single life away.


To sum up everything, Jessie J’s ‘Huge Sense of Guilt’ is about her personal and complex emotions in her journey because of infertility, child loss, and the challenges of motherhood. She has offered advice to new mothers about her experience.

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