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Why Is the Inhumans Season 2 Cancelled?


David Mudd

Inhumans or you can say Marvel’s Inhumans is an American action and adventure TV series. It is completely based on the Marvel Comics race. Don’t you like such kind of series? I like the most this is just because of its interesting facts and background…….


Inhumans is set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). The series is basically centered on Black Bolt which is portrayed by Anson Mount and so many other members of the Inhuman Royal Family. The film was totally removed from Marvel’s Studio in April 2016.

Before proceeding further let me ask you one thing- Have you enjoyed the previous season of Inhumans?

If you haven’t seen then no need to worry, here is everything that you would like to know. The article consists all the relevant info like what happens in it, which are the casting characters, when it will premiere, the trailer and much more………….

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Inhumans Season 2

Inhumans Season 2 is nothing else but an action and adventure television series. It is created by Scott Buck for ABC. The 2nd Season of Inhumans was produced by ABC Studios and Marvel Television with Devilina Productions.

It was co- financed by IMAX Entertainment. The stars of this series are Serinda Swan, Ken Leung, Eme Ikwuakor, Isabelle Cornish, Ellen Woglom and Iwan Rheon. Buck joined this series in October and Mount in February 2017.

What Happens in Inhumans Season 2?| The Plotline

In the Marvel Comics, the story of Inhumans Season 2 is about the Inhuman Royal Family. They belong to the alien race and tell how they try to survive on the earth.

They led by one of the main protagonist called, Black Bolt. The series mainly struggle to maintain the humans far away from their city on the Moon, Attilan. The brother of Black Bolt who is an evil begins a coup. All the family members of the Royal are forced to flee to Hawaii.


The main motive of the members is to protect the Earth from the antagonist. Inhumans Season 2 is completely based on the time when people are actively hunting. All the Inhumans have to keep their identities and powers as a secret. This is just because if they want to live peacefully. The show manages to undercut its dialogue and presentation.

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Who Are the Casting Characters of Inhumans Season 2?

  • Anson Mount as Black Bolt
  • Serinda Swan as Medusa
  • Ken Leung as Karnak
  • Eme Ikwuakor as Gorgon
  • Isabelle Cornish as Crystal
  • Ellen Woglom as Louise
  • Iwan Rheon as Maximus
  • Mike Moh as Triton
  • Sonya Balmores as Auran
  • Michael Buie as Agon
  • Tanya Clarke as Rynda
  • Ari Dalbert as Bronaja
  • Liv Hewson as Audrey

Above mentioned are the leading characters of the series that made the series demanding for all the viewers.

When Will Inhumans Season 2 Premiere?| the Release Date

ABC gives so many Marvel shows which are still popular and demanding for the fans. Though, the renewal of the 2nd Season of Inhumans is not expected just because of the low ratings of the previous season.


Inhumans, the series met with many unfavorable reviews and low ratings. Therefore, it was cancelled by ABC in May 2018 after one season. ABC cancelled Marvel’s Inhumans and gave an official statement that there won’t be any 2nd Season.

This might be disappointing for all the fans that their favorite series will not premiere the 2nd Season.

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Is There Any Trailer of Inhumans Season 2?

With this you will get to know more about the 2nd Season of Marvel’s Inhumans.

What Is the IMDb Rating of Inhumans?

The IMDb Rating of the series is only 5 out of 10 which is not enough to renew the series for the next season. This is the main reason behind the cancellation of the series.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many seasons are there in the series called Inhumans?

Only 1 Season

Who is the greatest enemy of the Inhumans?

Black Bolt is the biggest enemy of the Inhumans. This is just because why Black Bolt becomes a King and why Maximus resented him for the whole life.

Final Words

Inhumans Season 2 is also known as Marvel’s Inhumans Season 2. It is an interesting action drama television series. But it will not premiere just because of the low ratings of the previous season of Inhumans which might be a sad news for the lovers of Inhumans……..Let’s hope for any miracle that will bring the 2nd Season back …………