Why Is It So Hard to Find a Good Front-End Developer?


Sandeep Singh

According to the statistics, over 218,350 front-end developers are currently employed in the United States.

What’s the difference between excellent and poor digital experiences? Often, it’s a matter of how better you implemented front-end development. Nowadays, businesses are hiring front-end developers with an impeccable understanding of building the customer-facing side of apps and websites. Why so? The website should look intuitive and easy to navigate, and users can easily find the information they seek.

Finding a proficient front-end developer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Businesses may have trouble finding good ones.

In that case, we’re offering you some amazing tips on hiring a good front-end developer with the right skills and experience and reasons why hire front-end developer is pretty hard.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Reasons Why Finding A Good Front-End Developer Is Hard

You will be more likely to search for the best when searching for a front-end developer. Even though business owners have less understanding of what front-end developers do, they need help finding the best one.

Another thing that made it hard for business owners to see is that “Front-end developer is not a cheap deal,” which makes their job difficult. Here are some other reasons too-

The Complexity of Development Stages

Front-end developers primarily work with languages such as HTML and CSS; they have limited resources for eliminating bugs. The front-end development phases come with both server-side and client-side development, where they have to check the performance of the stages.

However, with more code, the chances of detecting the codes increase. And therefore, developers have to learn something new every time.

While finding a front-end developer, you need to assess developers who are good at upgrading new tools and trends. A developer with good learning skills might help you and your business meet your web development goals.

Front-End Is Not Limited To Development

Specifically, the front end is not only limited to development, therefore developers has to look into the marketing and designing capabilities. Website design is the path to online success.

Therefore, the developer is responsible for creating designs that attract users.

While hiring a front-end developer, it is essential to asses their development, design, and marketing capabilities. They must know how the product will be used, what graphics will be used, and where the CTA could be added.

However, most importantly, they must be able to maintain the website’s security- which is, again, an important aspect.

Compatibility Could Be An Issue

It has become the essential thing about the website- COMPATIBILITY. One front-end developer is done with the development designing, and coding phase; they will do the testing. However, testing is being done to check the compatibility of the devices- from mobile phones to PCs or on different devices.

The whole process of coding, testing, to deployment takes a lot of time and effort from the developer, which sometimes also reflects bugs and errors. By following this, they can reach out to their specific audience and user interface.

Further, businesses must hire someone with a creative sense of learning who can attract users’ attention.

Meanwhile, we have understood why hiring a front-end developer is complex. It’s time to learn some qualities to look for in a front-end developer.

Qualities To Look For In A Front-End Developer

To fill your business needs, the developer must have the skills mentioned below-

Mastery of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

The most basic coding tools are HTML, CSS, and Javascript; these skills make it possible to create a web design.

However, Javascript allows developers to add functionalities and frameworks to the website. JS enables adding interactive elements such as maps, films, and games. While hiring a front-end developer, ensure they have command of these essential things.

Knowledge of Graphics Editing Tools

Since front-end developer takes care of the client-facing side, they must know how to use graphic editing tools to build prototypes of their web designs. However, remember to screen their graphical editing tools’ capabilities before hiring a front-end developer for your business project.

Using CSS Preprocessors

To speed up CSS coding, front-end developers use preprocessors. This tool allows the developers to process their code before publishing them. However, it will make the code scalable, functional, responsive, and easier to work with.

Therefore, while hiring a developer, you must assess their capability of using preprocessors.

Adaptability And Thirst For Learning

Since code, tools and frameworks are constantly changing, hiring someone who can adhere to changes is essential. They must be able to grasp new programming conventions and learn a new framework.

Hire a front-end developer who can always be up for learning and adaptation to produce the best results.

Critical Thinker

Front-end development requires a creative streak and the ability to think outside of the box. They must develop what their users see and interact with. With the blend of technical skills, they must have that creative flair to produce a functioning and interactive app.

Developers with this ability could quickly boost user experiences, leading to conversions.

Final thoughts

We have compiled almost all possible reasons why finding a front-end developer is hard. However, with the proper hiring and screening steps, you can hire the best one. Since a front-end developer job is challenging, finding the best candidate to meet your needs takes time and effort.

Besides technical skills, an experienced developer must have acquired soft skills to ensure the project’s requirements. Hence, be prepared with your hiring strategy before hiring a front-end developer.