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Why Is Everyone Wearing Men’s Leggings?


Leggings — perhaps, is every woman’s go-to comfort apparel. Ask any woman a clothing fit that suits any casual occasion — whether it be for a quick gym sesh, for comfort on lazy afternoons or even for a casual night out look — leggings can be easily paired up with other pieces of clothing for essentially anything, anywhere! It’s comfortable, cool and form-fitting, perfect for casual days that’ll make its wearer look so chic.

Given the comfort, functionality, fit, and style that leggings provide, who wouldn’t want to wear them, right? And that’s exactly why you’re seeing a lot of men in leggings because it’s about time to change perspectives! Besides looking so cool (quite literally and aesthetically), it has a ton of perks that’ll make it the first thing you’d want to grab from your wardrobe.

So if you want to be more in sync with the men in leggings scene, read along! Once you’re done, you’d be packing your online cart with leggings for men!

Athleisure is back as the new lockdown trend

Besides wearing masks with your everyday fit, one of the most prominent things that lockdown has brought into the fashion scene is the boom of activewear.

When lockdown began and everyone was forced to stay indoors, most of us were scratching our heads on how to make use of time. Some were even baffled on how to stay in shape and be active amidst not having access to gyms. The solution: home exercises.

So even now that social restrictions are easing up, the trend of using activewear as casual, everyday wear is no surprise. Endless feeds of Instagram influencers still focus on fitness as a driving force to increase followers. ‘Cause let’s face it: lockdown or not, people are always gonna be obsessed with staying fit — it’s only a bonus perk that fitness wear is so comfortable that you’d want to use it in everyday errands! And leggings give you the freedom and mobility that you need in doing everyday routines.

So don’t be surprised when you see a dude in a tracksuit taking a casual stroll in the street, or a girl matching her favorite running tights with cropped-up long sleeves while on a shopping spree, or even guys donning a pair of men’s printed leggings. Like we’ve said, athleisure is here and will stay to dominate the fashion scene.

Comfort > Style

Even if you look good but you don’t feel comfortable, the look of discomfort will always show on your face. And they even say comfort ALWAYS beats out style, but what if neither of these are compromised?


From the increasingly growing clothing options for men’s fashion, it’s no surprise that guy leggings and men’s tights are at the top of men’s fashion list nowadays. Oftentimes, men think of leggings as “women’s yoga pants”, but think again! Like it or not, this form-fitting outfit does wonders for your mobility (besides making you look so rad!).

The best thing about leggings is comfort. If you think about it, leggings are women’s sort of their supreme, go-to wardrobe fit that they can instantly pull out of their closets. It’s comfortable and compatible with basically anything. But how about us, men?

First off, men’s workout leggings are engineered to maintain durability and preserve comfort without compromising looking good. Men’s running leggings, for instance, are targeted for men who are so much into physical activities. It’s designed with the highest qualities in these aspects: durability, support, breathability and convenience. A good men’s running leggings has compression while withstanding intense, physical training without wearing and tearing easily. It’s highly durable and convenient for you: so comfortable in fact that even if you do splits, it should keep your precious goods intact!

Men’s tights are also extremely breathable and water-resistant. They’re designed to let air in even if it’s skin-tight! So no worries about you getting too hot after doing a painstaking workout. And yeah, it’s also water-resistant, so moisture and sweat can easily evaporate which means that it’s odor-resistant, too!

And of course, who could ever forget convenience? Pockets that you can put your keys, wallet and phone in without fear of slipping out. If you’re a fitness buff, of course you’ve experienced this one. It’s a good thing that these men’s workout leggings have pockets to ease you of this problem!

Sports tights in men isn’t a new thing due to the endless range of functionality and comfort that it brings but it’s no surprise that even festival leggings are also becoming a thing for men!

Make a statement with men’s printed leggings

Oftentimes leggings are thought of as pitch black, skin-tight clothes used for exercising. But it’s much more than a thing you wear for a gym sesh or for your spin class.

Make your tights the focal point of your outfit by wearing men’s printed leggings. If you want to make your calves, thighs and booty look awesome while making a boldly fashionable choice, printed or festival leggings are your new holy grail. You can choose from a variety of prints that will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

And besides, men’s printed leggings aren’t only for physical activities. You can wear it just about anywhere! A quick night out clubbing? Your tights will certainly catch the eyes of a pretty chick. Want a bold and electric statement during festivals and concerts? These printed tights will make people mistake you as the festival’s main act!

Go Out and About with Versatile and Stylish Men’s Leggings

Men’s leggings meet at the crossroads of fashion and comfort, and that is why more and more men are opting for men’s leggings on a daily basis. From sports tights for men to trendy festival leggings, fashion and staying fit will literally never go out of style, with the right leggings for men. Check them out for yourself and you’ll surely find the perfect pair that you can rock in just about anything!



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