Why Fans Were Emotionally Stunted After Watching Ahsoka Season 1?



It isn’t the first time we heard about the Star Wars series being talked on the news channels. We already know the popularity of science fiction series and it is majorly because of series like Star Wars. Star Wars has set the bar for science fiction series high and people are loving every single bit of the series. Recently, they had released Star Wars: Visions.

The movie series which was initially released in 1977, became a franchise among the people. And recently we have heard of a new series called Ahsoka, being released on the screen. The release of the first season of the show came with a lot of potential when the people were collectively excited to learn about it. It ain’t wrong to say that Ahsoka is one of the highly anticipated Star Wars spin-off series which has already released its first season.

This excitement in the series was filled up with a lot of emotions and fans have missed reviews regarding it. While people appreciated every bit of the series one, anticipation, that fans have regarding the show is how the show was emotionally challenging for them.

Despite being a mini-series, the creators have done a lot of work in the show but the one thing that remains in the mind of the people. It is how the first season of Ahsoka was so emotionally charged that it created a lot of respect among the people. We know that the majority of people believe in this thing as an online platform filled with tweets and reviews on it. And one of the major factors that contributed to this perception of the series is how the character developed and the plot remained exciting till the end of the show.

“I’m putting it out into the universe,” she said, adding: “I’m ready. I’m excited. I’m willing. I got my ice packs ready to go for season two and beyond! I would not be mad at that.”

The audience felt that the characters of the series had limited development which was a major cause of the emotional stagnation of the first season. Not only the other characters but the title character of the series is known as Ahsoka.  Tano, but heavy criticism after her characters didn’t impress the storyline.

The audience felt that despite being a beloved character, her rule was not appropriate, and didn’t receive the limelight that it must receive. Fans feel that the main protagonist of the series did not give them the hero bike that they were craving to know. It was quite heavy criticism for the actor to receive.

On the other hand, talking about the supporting cast of the show, the first season didn’t impress their story as well. Despite the series having so much potential and being a spin-off of Star Wars, it has led to a spark among the people.

The main lead has recently done an interview, where she revealed certain things. She said, “In [Star Wars: Rebels], you saw her go to the white, but what I loved is the idea that there was even another level to her,” she said while speaking to Entertainment Weekly.

“[Show creator Dave Filoni] and I talked a lot about Gandalf the Grey and Gandalf the White — talking about that transition and how she’s someone very capable and excellent and looked up to as a leader, but she still has levels of development to go.”

The fans had a lot of expectations with the series but it didn’t fulfill the show amazingly. The viewers and critics came out after the conclusion of the series and revealed their thoughts on how they felt regarding it. The final episode of the series was filled with a lot of things that were hindering the excitement of the show. We also watched how characters like Trace and Rafa Martez,  made their debut in the final episodes which were not well received by the audience.

The ending of the series was not fulfilling, and while the company has already revealed that the series will be a miniseries, it was confusing a bit. But, the ending of the show was left on a major cliffhanger and there are enough reasons for the creators to work on the future part.

The offices of the series have not confirmed anything regarding the complex future of the show, as it is going to fail, and talk with a lot of challenges, but we can’t deny the fact that the finale episode of the show was filled with a lot of questions and the creators failed to answer that. The popularity of Ahsoka was already incredible as the majority of people rated the series with positive feedback. 

The show emotionally engaged the viewers in the early episode, but the finale episode of the show was quite complex for the people to understand. Sometimes it feels like the story of a series is concluding at a faster rate because of the show being a single season. We have already watched how shows like Lucifer and Alice in Borderland were renewed despite being a limited series.

This raises a question among the people for season two of the show. I know a lot of you guys are already expecting an incredible season 2  and I believe that video will be covering up all the mistakes that they had made in the past season. We Are already keeping our eye on all the regular updates and waiting for the creators to reveal the news for the upcoming season.

It is essential to note that the finale ending of the series was filled with a lot of emotional rollercoasters. The correctness of the series was undoubtedly amazing but it feels like this to you has not given them enough room to showcase their true potential. The series internally struggled a lot with the main character of the series not being able to showcase their talent.

To conclude, in the series, we feel that a lot of characters that are meant to pop out shattered their image. But being a Star Wars series, we believe that the creators have planned something for the upcoming season of the show. Despite a lack of depth made by the writers, the series still receives positive feedback from the people.

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