Why Did Wendy And Abe Break Up? What Is The Cause of Divorce?


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Wendy and Abe are no longer together. SHOCKING. On August 1, 2023, announced separation. Now the question arises is Why Did Wendy And Abe Break Up? Wanna know everything about what happened between these two? Let the article begins.

Why Did Wendy And Abe Break Up?

On August 1, 2023, The popular streamer Abe “BaboAbe” announced his separation from his wife, Wendy Natsumiii. He confirmed that he and Natsumiii are no longer together. He also revealed that he had done everything to save their marriage but things didn’t work out in their favor.

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Since their separation, many reasons have been speculated by public. While many want to know the cause of separation, some have come up with their assumptions. A Reddit user speculated that Natsumiii must have been unfaithful to BaboAbe. However, The Twitch community maintains their privacy.

As of now, the reason for BaboAbe and Natsumiii’s break-up still remains private. They choose not to release any statement that disclose the reason of their split.

Wendy and Abe Divorce

On August 1, 2023, Wendy and Abe’s divorce news came out and it shook the world. Abe is the one who publicized the news, and everyone started supporting him during split phase. Abe has always been a very private person. His private nature could one of the reasons why he decides to stay silent and didn’t provide any explanation regarding split.

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Divorce is indeed a hard decission to make and it must have been very tough for the former couple to come up with this decission. They have been getting support from their fans and in this hard phase, Abe is making sure to deal with this gracefully by getting therapy and more actions need to be taken to heal.

Why Did Wendy And Abe Break Up?

Wendy and Abe Marriage

Wendy met Abe in the year 2016. The couple became engaged in the year 2021. On November 8, they got married. The wedding featured a star-studded guest list. They married live and ended up breaking up. “Wendy and I are no longer together,” he wrote. “Things happened, and I can at the very least say, with confidence, that I’ve done all I can to try to save our marriage and make things work.”

“But you know, sometimes it’s just not possible,” he continued. “I know there’s going to be a lot of you that are wondering what happened, it hasn’t been that long since we got married but I do ask that you guys try to be respectful during this time. I’m sure you guys will be able to come to your own conclusions, just based on social dynamics and whatnot.

Shared that divorce phase has been really hard.

“I’ve been getting therapy, which has been kinda nice,” he continued. “I’ve been dieting, working out, and playing a lot less games. I’m in a much better place right now – mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’m ready to kind of just move on with my life and focus on myself.”

What happened Between Wendy And Abe?

Twitch streamers Abe “BaboAbe” Chung and Wendy “Natsumiii” Luo announced their split on August 1, nearly nine months after getting married. The two have kept their relationship private, and the cause of their split is private too. They got engaged and married in 2021.

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Twitch stars broke the internet after deciding to live stream their wedding in November 2022 but, the couple have parted ways and are no longer together.


The popular streamer Abe “BaboAbe” announced his separation from his wife, Wendy Natsumiii after some months of getting married. They haven’t been together for even one year. The news is indeed shocking but the cause of their divorce is not out yet. All the upcoming information regarding their divorce will soon be out. Till then, stay in touch.

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