Pizza Hut Shuttering Locations! Find Out, Why Pizza Hut Abruptly Close 8 Locations Across 2 States.



If you are a die-hearted fan of Pizza then I am pretty much sure about the fact that you have already tried the pizza of the famous franchise Pizza Hut. Some people traveled the world in the hope of finding the best pizza but always they stopped at the mouth-watering pizza of Pizza Hut. It is a multinational pizza restaurant chain and international franchise.

Sadly, the franchise announced important official statements publically which sent shockwaves among individuals. What if I told you that you will not get your favorite pizza from tomorrow onwards, how would you feel? obviously disappointed! The same happened with the masses of Ohio and Indiana because Pizza Hut has closed its business at eight locations in those particular two states.

What is the reason behind this unexpected closing? Is the franchise struggling to earn favorable profits in those areas? Does the franchise bear significant losses? Individuals are left speculating about the reasons on digital forums because of the future of their beloved pies. Here, I have mentioned everything you want to know so read the below-mentioned paragraphs.


Company Type Subsidiary
  • Pizzeria
  • Restaurants
Genre Casual Dining
Founded May 31, 1958; 66 years ago
Wichita, Kansas, U.S.
  • Dan Carney
  • Frank Carney
Headquarters 7100 Corporate Dr., Plano, Texas
Number of locations
18,703 restaurants worldwide (2020)
Area served
Key people
Aaron Powell
(President Pizza Hut International)
Products Pizza
Italian taco
Pan pizza
Chicken wings
Services Franchising
Revenue  US$1.091 billion (2016)
Number of employees
About 350,000
Parent Yum! Brands

What is Pizza Hut All About?

Pizza Hut, LLC is an American multinational pizza restaurant chain and international franchise founded in 1958 in Wichita, Kansas by Dan and Frank Carney. The headquartered of this restaurant chain franchise in Plano, Texas, operates 19,866 restaurants worldwide as of 2023. After the opening of the first store by Carneys of Pizza Hut, it will expand to six outlets within a year.

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In 1977, it was acquired by PepsiCo and followed by a spin-off into Tricon Global Restaurants, Inc. In 2002, it was purchased by the Yum! Brands and renamed. Since the Pizza Hut franchise came into existence, it experienced significant growth and is well recognized for its innovative products and marketing strategies to attract customers.

Pizza Hut closes 8 locations in 2 states

Are Some Pizza Hut Locations Closing Down?

Yes! You heard right. Recently, Pizza Hut has closed at eight different locations in two states. Individuals are in shock because the franchise shut down their business in two states without even informing customers and staff members. The news of shutting down sent shockwaves among the loyal customers of Pizza Hut.

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The majority of the masses feel disappointed because of this unexpected closing. However, they all are expressing their views full of sorrow on various social media platforms by tagging Pizza Hut. Some of them are sharing memories, family dinners, and romantic pizza dates at Pizza Hut.

This unexpected closing not only affected the customers but also deeply impacted the employees of that particular eight locations because they suddenly found themself unemployed. Are you wondering what will be the reason behind this sudden and unexpected closing? Are you curious to know? Read the following subsequent paragraphs. Before proceeding further, take a look at Pizza Hut’s brand revitalization in China is yielding results

Which States Were Affected by Pizza Hut’s Closures?

According to the official statements announced by Pizza Hut, they are shutting down their business at eight locations in two states including Ohio and Indiana. To specify, the places in Ohio where Pizza Hut closed down are Dublin, Arlington, Obetz, and Marion Village. Additionally, In Northwest Indiana, the locations are Valparaiso, Crown Point, Griffith, and Hobart.


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A general manager on Pizza Hut’s official Facebook account, “It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that all Pizza Hut locations in NW Indiana, including our beloved Valparaiso store, have been closed. Thank you all for your continued support. I hope one day to see you all again in some form or fashion.”

Early last month, Pizza Hut filed a lawsuit against EYM Group for breaching their contract. It is uncertain if these closures resulted from a legal conflict. Both Yum Brands and EYM Group have refrained from commenting on the reasons for closing the Indiana locations. Do not miss out on reading: Is Pizza Hut open on New Year’s Day?


Pizza Hut closes 8 locations in 2 states

Pizza Hut removed all its Ohio locations from its website, and voicemails at those locations stated an indefinite closure of business. After a different Pizza Hut franchisee declared bankruptcy in 2020, over 300 stores were shut down. Since last year, at least seven locations in New York have closed, with the most recent closure occurring in March 2024.

What is the Future of Pizza Hut After Shuttering These Locations?

The reason behind the closing of Pizza Hut at some locations is owners keep their whole focus on recovery and continuity. Whereas, the owners of the company said, “A few locations in Columbus, OH have closed, but Pizza Hut remains committed to providing outstanding service and products to our valued customers in the area.”

They added, “We are working to transition the Indiana locations and hope many of them to reopen soon.” It is clear from those statements that they are working on improving more with the hopes of reopening all the stores super soon in the future. This highlights the innovation and dedication to maintaining everything nature of the company. Check out: How do you access mileage information on a Tesla vehicle? Find odometer reading on a Tesla display!


Pizza Hut’s abrupt closure of eight locations across two states has left many questioning the reasons behind this decision. Despite all the ongoing speculation regarding the financial burdens and legal issues on the company, the truth behind the closures are owner focusing on recovery and improvement. In the future, they will reopen the stores for sure. This indicates a potential recovery plan but the exact cause remains unclear.

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