Why Did Lui Calibre Get Cancelled? He Was Alleged Of Physical Assault


Riya Arya

People want to know Why Did Lui Calibre Get Cancelled. His sudden disappearance has indeed formed curiosity among everyone who follows him on his YouTube. He has stopped posting videos.

Before we move to why did Lunch Calibre get cancelled, we need to know more of him. Lui Calibre is a successful gamer who has earned more than 4.95 million subscribers on YouTube. Mainly known for his squeaker voice and, also a part of the Vanoss Crew.

Why Did Lui Calibre Get Cancelled?

In July 2016, Lui Calibre joined Pokemon Go. but disappeared for some time. He returned at the end of 2022. Calibre is back again but stopped posting in between.

Lui Calibre got canceled as he stepped down from social media because some allegations were made against him. He was blamed to abusive towards women. Syanne, his former lover, expressed about why she felt this. Starting from her relationship at the age of 18, he was in his 30s by then.

Their relationship kept turning out very dominating when he stopped her meeting her friends and made her feel ugly. She also claimed that he forced her for making intimacy.

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When Syanne went to breakup with him, he threatened her by saying that he would ruin her career. Many women came and blamed the same by sharing the same incident with Lui Calibre.

“Lui Calibre was the definition of a toxic relationship, Every time I attempted to get close to someone or make a friend he would feed me these ideas about how I couldn’t trust them and that he was the only person I could rely on. He made it so I had nobody in my life but him,” Syanne wrote.

“I tried several times to end things with lui only for him to record our conversations and threaten me to end my career and life on social media because he would have his fans attack me for ‘cheating’ on him even though we never established an exclusive relationship,” Syanne claimed.

Syanne said eight women came to share their stories against Lui Calibre, who harassed them, with “no doubt there are even more out there who have not spoken up.”

As a result, due to s*xual assault allegations against him, he received hatred by fans. He stepped down from the Youtube.

Why Did Lui Calibre Get Cancelled?

Lui Forced Syanne To Have S*x

The YouTuber took a break on May 2020, as many allegations were made against him by Syanne. Her ex girlfriend revealed how he used to force her for physical pleasure without her concern. He treated women as s*x object.

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“There would be some days where I didn’t want to have s*x and would tell him ‘no,’ but he would try and push himself onto me, and I would just take it in silence and then cry in bed. It was a terrible feeling,” she revealed.

Lui Gave another Reasons To Quit

Shockingly, after all the harassment allegations made by her ex girlfriends and many other women, Lui still has audacity to come with another reason for his quit. According to his reason for the break is, “There’s just no money in it.”, uploaded this on his Twitter

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Since late 2017, Lui began appearing on his friends’ videos. Lui informed people that there just wasn’t enough money in it for him as he lost 2.4% of his followers after tweeting, not knowing what an “active fan base is” because he only games for the cash.

On July 24 2019, he posted his first video for the first time after three years, this was the same date that he stopped uploading in 2016.


With all the allegations, Lui got canceled however, he has presented another reason and made a come back in three years, Despite getting hatred. Do you support Lui after all the allegations made against him by many women including his ex-girlfriend?

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