Why Did Fuller House End? What Happened At End Of Beloved Series?


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The fans are still upset that why did Fuller House end after season 5? The decision to discontinue the show appears to be based on low audience numbers, however, Netflix, which is infamous for keeping streaming statistics private, has not provided exact details.

It is worth noting that the Fuller House ensemble has declared their readiness to continue the series, demonstrating their commitment and excitement for the production. No one wanted it to end. But the show with so many emotions bid its final goodbye on 2nd June 2020.

Why Did Fuller House End After Season 5

It was beloved series that entertained audiences for five seasons and a remarkable 75 episodes. Unfortunately, after Season 5, the show will not be returning. The announcement of its final season was made in January 2019, and fans eagerly awaited the release of the first batch of Season 5 episodes in December of that year.

Fuller House’s decline appears to have been caused by audience rating. As per examined statistics, it became clear that viewership for the series dropped by 52% from season 1 to season 2 within the first month of release. However, Fuller House was one of the most-watched TV shows of 2016.

Why Did fuller House End

The drop in viewership between seasons 3 and 4 was only 10%. Despite this, it’s likely that the series’ numbers from the previous two seasons were insufficient for Netflix to give it another renewal.

Who Was In The Cast Of Fuller House?

  • Candace Cameron Bure plays D.J. Tanner-Fuller, who is a mom and a veterinarian.
  • Jodie Sweetin plays Stephanie Tanner who is D.J.’s sister.
  • Andrea Barber plays Kimmy Gibbler who is  D.J.’s best friend and owns a party planning business.
  • Michael Campion plays  Jackson Fuller who is D.J.’s son and likes to cause trouble.
  • Elias Harger plays Max Fuller, D.J.’s other son,
  • Soni Nicole Bringas plays Ramona Gibbler who is Kimmy’s daughter.
  • Dashiell and Fox Messitt play Tommy Fuller Jr.
  • Juan Pablo Di Pace plays Fernando Hernandez-Guerrer who is Kimmy’s husband,
  • Scott Weinger plays Steve Hale who is D.J.’s husband and also her high school sweetheart.
  • John Brotherton plays Matt Harmon, D.J.’s co-worker and ex-boyfriend.
  • Ashley Liao plays Lola Wong, Ramona’s friend and Jackson’s ex-girlfriend.
  • Adam Hagenbuch plays Jimmy Gibbler, Kimmy’s brother who is a photographer and is married to Stephanie.

Cast On End Of Fuller House

The cast of this show was not very happy at the end of Fuller House. Andrea Barber, who portrays Kimmy Gibbler in Fuller House, expressed that she doesn’t feel like the show is over. She wants to continue playing her character and see her growth. She also mentioned that they have seen Kimmy, DJ, and Stephanie since they were 5 and 10 years old and would like to continue the show until they are in their 60s.

In the same interview, Bure agreed with Barber and mentioned that they often discuss the possibility of reprising their roles in the future if another opportunity arises. Barber also stated that she thinks the show could return in about 10 years when DJ and Kimmy’s oldest children are in their late 20s, which would require the addition of some grandchildren to the show’s storyline.

What Happened In the Final Moments Of Fuller House?

Stephanie and Kimmy have a change of heart and return to D.J.’s residence shortly after leaving. Despite their initial desire to begin new lives with their husbands, they realize they don’t want to go. Instead, they propose that the three of them continue to live together in D.J.’s house and raise their children as one unit.

Stephanie approaches D.J. while he is overcome with emotion and informs him that she is expecting a child. D.J., who had backed Stephanie up when she found out she might not be able to have children, is pleased and calls it a miracle. D.J. agrees to let Stephanie, Kimmy, and their families stay in the house following Stephanie’s announcement and proposal to live together.

Why Did Fuller House End

With the decision made, the rest of the family gathers for a heartfelt group hug as the credits roll. While Fuller House may have reached its conclusion, the bond between its characters will continue, as they form one big and happy family.

Where You Can Watch Fuller House?

Fuller House is available for streaming on Netflix. If you don’t have a Netflix subscription, you can also watch it by renting or purchasing episodes on platforms like Amazon Instant Video, iTunes, Google Play, and Vudu.

Farewell To The Show

After five seasons, the Full House reboot called Fuller House has finished.  The story started with D.J. Tanner-Fuller becoming a widow. Her sister Stephanie and best friend Kimmy moved in with her to help with life and being a mom.

Despite the sad beginning, Fuller House was a joyful show. It ended with a triple wedding, where all three women in the She-Wolf Pack got married to their partners. Of course, there were some funny and challenging situations along the way. But in the end, everyone got the happy ending they wanted.

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