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5 Reasons Why Beastars Manga Online is Underrated


David Mudd

We’ve a whole new year ahead and I’m hyped up to read the new chapters of Beastars manga online. Despite reading countless manga daily, I was not aware of this underarated manga. However, recently I finished watching its anime television series on Netflix.

AND it was simply incredible. That’s why I’m super excited to read the latest chapters of Bastars manga online. However, before I do that, read this post of me explaining why Beastars is an underrated & underappreciated anime series and why everyone should watch its anime series. Let’s get started:

Beastars Unavailablity

Beastars anime series isn’t easily accessible in some parts of the world. And when a particular series is good but isn’t available for masses, people consider it as unworthy. Some even think that region locking means the animation studio behind the anime and licensing partner do not have the required faith in it.

Its limited viewership is probably why it’s considered as underrated anime series. At the moment, Netflix Japan is the only means to access Besters anime series legally.

It isn’t that you can’t watch the anime anywhere else but the alternative options are somewhat illegal. So, I couldn’t recommend them with good conscience.

I hope looking at the staggering performance of the anime series in Japan, its creator will soon plan to release the anime in other parts of the world.

Legosi’s Character Depth

Another reason why Beastars anime is underrated is its main character. Beastars’s lead doesn’t come out as someone who appeals to the audience. He thinks the way he tackles all his problems and makes deep observation before making any decision.

This clearly shows how quiet and reserved introvert the character of Legosi is in the anime series. If that wasn’t enough, Legosi does everything on impulse. Hence, making him yet another shonen heroes that does the same like the rest.

Be it the anime ot beastars manga online, the main characters like Legosi tends to make plans, carefully work through some issues and solve things ergonomically. Then a single impulive thing from him generates a surprise for the audience.

Despite Legosi’s growth being the major focul point of the anime/manga series, his character has defintely comes as one of the favorite character arcs in the last decade.


CGI in the Anime world is disliked in many ways. However, as the time has passed, die-hard anime fans are realizing the value of CGI.

Be it in terms cost-effectiveness or use in certain set of situations. CGI is quite effective when an anime needs people moving in the background and when the camera needed to pan out.

However, what fans don’t like is full implementation of CGI in anime. That’s probably why many anime studios are avoiding it.

Then against the current tide came a 3D show Land of the Lustrous and Beastars and completely changed the way anime lovers used to think of them. This anime clearly showed what 3D Anime can do better when compared to 2D.

Not Getting Enough Credit For Experimenting

Beastars deal with a completely new concept of death in many ways. Ways that we aren’t used to seeing but are worth exploring. Beastars shows the carnal desires related to both hunger and pleasure.

The reason why Beastars is not appreciated much is its approach to give enough screentime to Haru and Louis just like its main charcter Legosi.

Even though that’s not a bad thing to do. But some die-hard anime fans prefer it the old-school way.

Depth Of Its Character With Every Movement

Last reason why I think Beastars tv show is underrated is its dramatc nature. Throughout the anime series there are several instances when Legosi’s action impacts a million times more than his words.

In contrast, some lines of Louis’s dialogues describs the exact opposite of what his mouth is saying.

Final Words

These are probably some reasons why I think Bestars manga online/anime has been underrated and underappreciated in the anime world. What do you think? Am I right here? Do share your thoughts on this via the comments section given below.