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Why Are the Harry Potter Movies Not on HBO Max? Here’s Where You Can in Any Case Watch Them!

The Kid Who Resided Has Another Home!

Everyone knows the renowned dream film series, Harry Potter! Whether you were, despite everything are, an enthusiast of the movies or they simply weren’t your tune, the movies positively took the world by storm. It’s one of the most well known franchises in the business.

The productions are adaptations of creator J.K. Rowling’s books about the central protagonist. On his 11th birthday celebration, Harry discovers that he has enchanted abilities and finds his direction to Hogwarts, an English life experience school for wizards, per the synopsis.

What’s more, that is where his experience starts! Harry will make companions, develop into his powers, get familiar with reality with regards to his parents’ demises, and lead to him confronting the best foe yet.

Why Are the Harry Potter Movies Not on HBO Max?

As of Feb. 1, 2023, all eight of the Harry Potter movies have been eliminated from HBO Max. Why did that happen? Don’t stress, it’s not because of the new diminishing of content the organization has been going through since its consolidation with Discovery+.

This actually isn’t whenever the movies first have been taken out from the streamer. That is because HBO Max shares streaming freedoms with another streaming assistance. So the two have to “share” the productions and when they’re on every stage since they can’t be on both simultaneously.

Why are the Harry Potter movies not on HBO Max? (where to watch)

The movies have been bouncing volatile between these two streamers for several years at this point. Also, it will doubtlessly continue from now on.

Did HBO Max Eliminate All Harry Potter Movies?

Indeed, yet before you alarm, the evacuation is brief. Harry Potter will be back on HBO Max eventually (unlike the significant record of content the streamer has been unobtrusively erasing in front of its consolidation with discovery+).

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While you won’t find any of the first eight Harry Potter films on HBO Max the present moment, there are several titles connected with the franchise that are as yet accessible to watch. At this moment, you can stream the cast reunion, Harry Potter twentieth Commemoration: Return to Hogwarts; in addition to Harry Potter: Hogwarts Tournament of Houses, a random data unique in which the four houses go head to head in a round of brains.

Where Are the Harry Potter Movies Streaming?

As of Feb. 1, 2023, all eight of the Harry Potter films are streaming on Peacock. On the off chance that you don’t have a subscription to the help, then you can do as such with either the “Exceptional” level for $4.99/month (with promotions) or the “Superior In addition to” level for $9.99/month (no promotions).

While the primary movies have another streaming home for the present, you can in any case watch Fabulous Beats and Where to Track down Them, Fantastic beasts: The Wrongdoings of Grindelwald, Fantastic beasts: The Mysteries of Dumbledore, and the reunion extraordinary, Harry Potter twentieth Commemoration: Return to Hogwarts, on HBO Max.

Why are the Harry Potter movies not on HBO Max? (where to watch)

HBO Max Will at This Point Not Be the Home of the Harry Potter Movies!

The eight-film series will leave the stage after it lost the streaming freedoms for the second time. The movies, which depend on J.K. Rowling’s seven-book series, will leave on August 31.

At the point when HBO Max sent off in May 2020, all eight Harry Potter films were accessible to stream. Nonetheless, they left following 90 days for NBCUniversal’s streaming stage, Peacock. The titles then got back to HBO Max in September 2021 under a 12-month-bargain, which closes this month.

In spite of leaving HBO Max, fanatics of the Wizarding Scene can in any case stream the titles. In the US, they’re as of now accessible on Peacock subsequent to being added on July 1.

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The unique twentieth commemoration episode ‘Return to Hogwarts’ additionally stays on HBO Max. The television unique highlighted interviews with the cast and group of the film series as well as concealed in the background film. Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson were among the stars back for the emotional reunion.

At present, there are no new movies or shows arranged in the Harry Potter universe. The destiny of the fourth Phenomenal Monsters film is presently hanging out there following the blended reception of the past movies in the cinematic world.

Why are the Harry Potter movies not on HBO Max? (where to watch)

Did You Buy Into HBO Max Because of the ‘Harry Potter’ Movies?

 Indeed, too awful because WarnerMedia’s streaming help is losing the whole eight film series according to Assortment. The movies will, in the expressions of a wizard of a witch, Evanesco! from the stage come August 31.

While the realistic adventure of the kid who lived is a production of Warner Brothers, the theatrical arm of WarnerMedia and a sister organization of HBO Max, the privileges to stream the movies have been offered to different networks throughout the long term.

As of not long ago At the hour of composing, the movies were accessible on both HBO Max and Peacock, NBCUniversal’s streamer in the US.

From August 31 Onwards, Only Peacock Will Have Them.

It should be small solace to the devotees of the franchise and HBO Max users that meanwhile they manage with all the three ‘Fantastic Beasts’ movies and the reunion extraordinary named ‘Harry Potter twentieth Commemoration: Return to Hogwarts’ that was released a year ago.

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‘Harry Potter’ franchise, which started in 2001 with ‘Harry Potter and the Alchemist’s Stone’, depended on British writer JK Rowling’s book of a similar name. The story followed the nominal young vagrant kid living with his uncle, auntie, and cousin that his parents were a well known wizard couple and were killed by Dim Ruler Voldemort.

Why are the Harry Potter movies not on HBO Max? (where to watch)

Yet, the Dim Ruler lost his power and nearly passed on when he attempted to kill Harry as a child and is once again hoping to come into power. Harry joins a school of wizardry called Hogwarts in the Scottish good countries and learns sorcery.

The adventure tells a natural story of good clashing with evil and is infused with positive themes of companionship and mental fortitude. The movies were immensely fruitful and caught the imagination of a whole generation of kids. The subsequent franchise, ‘Fantastic Beasts’, is set in a similar world, yet has been less fruitful.

In India, ‘Harry Potter‘ movies can be streamed on Amazon Prime Video.

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