Who Was Whitney Houston’s Partner? Revealed About The S*xual Relationship


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The biopic Whitney Houston: I Wanna Dance With Somebody shares the information about the relationship between Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford onscreen. Crawford, Houston’s longtime friend and secret romantic partner, has talked about her relationship with the late singer.

Crawford’s 2019 book, A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston revealed about the relationship and difficulties between the two. 

Whitney Houston’s Equation With Robyn Crawford

Robyn Crawford, Whitney Houston’s longtime best friend and business associate, told that she and Whitney shared a sexual and romantic relationship. She claimed that the relationship felt like never changing and was ended due to fear of negative impact.

Robyn Crawford was Whitney Houston’s best friend, assistant, creative director and the co-manager of Houston’s Nippy Inc. In her 2019 book A Song for You: My Life with Whitney Houston, Crawford told that their relationship had had some sexual moments. It kept private for the sake of Houston’s career.

How They Met And The Beginning Of Their Relationship ?

Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford met in the year 1980 at an East Orange, N.J., summer camp. During that period of time, Houston was 16 and Crawford was 19.

Crawford has revealed that on their first summer, the had established romantic relationship. After two years, Houston ended it as she had just signed a record deal.

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Crawford on their relationship said, “People pull it out as a relationship—but we met and we clicked and we became friends. We built that friendship being open and honest with each other about everything. She told me she was going to sign this deal and she was going to take me with her all around the world. And along the way, we had an intimate, loving, physical experience of friendship within our friendship. It was love and it was open and honest.”

The 22 year Long Friendship

Who Was Whitney Houston’s Partner?

Despite ending the sexual companionship after two years, the duo continued having a close 22-year long bond. Crawford worked as Houston’s assistant, creative director and the co-manager of her company Nippy Inc. Surprisingly, it was Crawford who was the maid of honor at Houston’s wedding to Bobby Brown.

When Robyn Crawford Left

Robyn Crawford left whitney Houston’s management team in 2000. She moved to a different city, met Lisa Hintelmann and the pair married. They are currently parents of twins. Crawford left the entertainment industry, after that Crawford worked at different times at a tennis club and on a farm.

Did Bobby Brown Know About The Same-S*x Relationship Between Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford?

Bobby Brown has been aware of same-s*x relationship between Whitney Houston and Robyn Crawford. Brown revealed that it was Houston’s mother, Cissy Houston, who did not approve of same s*x relationship.

In 2016, he claimed, “I really feel that if Robyn was accepted into Whitney’s life, Whitney would still be alive today.

Whitney Houston’s Husband

Whitney Houston’s husband is Bobby Brown who is an American singer, songwriter and dancer. Brown is one of the pioneers of new jack swing: a fusion of hip hop and R and B. 

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Brown met Houston at the Soul Train Music Awards in the year 1989. One day Houston invited Brown to her birthday party and they became close friends. Their friendship turned into a romance. In 1991, Brown proposed marriage to Houston. The couple married at Houston’s estate on July 18, 1992. They welcomed their first child, a daughter named Bobbi Kristina Brown who was born in 1993.

Houston and Brown collaborated on the hit single “Something in Common”, this track starred their daughter in the end of the video.

Did Late Whitney Houston Through Physical Violence In Her Marriage?


Who Was Whitney Houston’s Partner?

Following their marriage, there were rumors circulating everywhere that they were have issues in their marriage dye to Bobby Brown’s obsession with alcohol and drug abuse. He was also alleged to domestic violence. In 2003, Brown was charged with battery after an altercation with Houston. In 2005, the pair participated in the reality show Being Bobby Brown.

In 2006, Houston filed for divorce. Their divorce was finalized on April 24, 2007. Houston won the custody of the daughter.

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In a September 2009 interview with Oprah Winfrey, Houston confessed that she sometimes had drugs with Brown, stating “laced marijuana with cocaine”. Houston also confessed to Winfrey that Brown was abusive and even spat on her while drunk.

What Did Robyn Crawford Say About Bobby Brown?

Robyn Crawford knows Brown through Houston. She was the maid of honor at Whitney Houston’s 1992 wedding to Brown. “When Whitney chose to partner with someone, I was honored to be the maid of honor at her wedding. I didn’t know Bobby before the wedding. We never really got a chance to know each other. But what I will say is that she told me she loved him.” said Crawford.

“Bobby and I were not squaring off in Everlast shorts and boxing gloves. That never happened. I was still in the same spot where Whitney always wanted me to be. Bobby never approached me ­personally or said anything to me about the rumors of our relationship. Not once. But I watched him make a mess of her trail. I wasn’t competing with him for anything. I was her friend. And he could have been a better friend, too.” She added. 


Whitney Houston was an American singer and actress. Nicknamed “The Voice”, she is one of the bestselling music artists of all time, with over 200 million records sold worldwide. She married Bobby Brown but divorced later on, received custody of their daughter. Her s*xual and romantic relationship with Robyn Crawford has become quite known since Crawford revealed about their relationship that was not approved by family members of Houston.

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