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The Netflix original series Lockwood & Co. debuts on January 27, so we watched a few episodes to get to know the cast before binge-watching the entire season. Naturally, Ruby Stokes, who portrays Lucy Carlyle, one of the series’ protagonists, would be the first member of the cast to be mentioned.

Teenage psychic Lucy flees her village after being falsely held responsible for a terrible occurrence. Lucy has psychic skills. She travels to London and starts working for the psychic detective firm Lockwood & Co., which is owned by two young boys. The young paranormal investigators team up to combat dangerous ghosts all throughout London.

Everything you need to know about the Lucy actor, including her age, Instagram, and more, is provided here.

A well-known British actress is Ruby Stokes. For her parts in Lockwood & Co, Bridgerton, A Banquet, and many other movies, Ruby Stokes is best known.

Who Plays Lucy In Lockwood & Co.

Biographical Information About Ruby Stokes

On September 4, 2000, Ruby Stokes was born in London, England. Her sign is the Virgo. She is currently 21 years old. She posted a picture of her and her mother together on Mother’s Day to show how close they are.

Additionally, she has a younger brother, who she routinely features in Instagram posts. When she was 4 or 5, she further appeared in performances put on by nearby dancing studios. When she was six years old, she also started taking singing classes.

The Height and Weight of Ruby Stokes

As an actor, Ruby Stokes has achieved extraordinary success. Her physical condition is good. She is average in both height and weight. She thus weighs about 56 kilogrammes and is approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall. The media is not aware of any of her further bodily measurements. She consequently has gorgeous hazel eyes and brown hair.

Ruby Stokes Career

Television actress Ruby Stokes is best known for playing Francesca Bridgerton in the popular Netflix series Bridgerton. She only started her career in 2010, when she was ten years old. from the television show Just William, where she made a fleeting appearance. In 2018, Ruby was one of the two central figures in Nosebleed.

She was able to enter the film industry thanks to those gigs. On her IMDB page, she currently has 12 acting credits. Her most recent appearance was as Agnes, a friend of Rocks who lives alone with her brother, in the British drama film Rocks.

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She also played Lucy Carlyle on the hit television program Lockwood & Co. in 2022. In 2014, she also appeared in a two-episode storyline on the program Da Vinci’s Demons. As a background performer in a Just William episode in 2010, she also made her professional acting debut. She later provided Anne Frank’s voice for the movie Where Is Anne Frank? in 2021. She had already starred in the previous year’s short films Shagbands and It’s Going to Be Okay.

Ruby Stokes Net Worth

Due to her lucrative profession as an actress, Ruby Stokes has amassed a sizable fortune. Her projected net worth as of January 2023 ranges between $1 and $5 million. Her actual net worth as well as her salary are therefore unknown.

Who Plays Lucy In Lockwood & Co.

Ruby Stokes Dating and Boyfriend

The media doesn’t know whom she is dating or whether she has a boyfriend when it comes to her personal life. She seems to prefer to keep her private affairs private. She might possibly be too focused on her profession to be in a relationship.

Ruby Stokes’ Instagram Account

This budding artist can be found on Instagram at @rubystokess. She currently has 114k followers and has published more than 100 times on her page. Her material primarily consists of images of her loved ones, selfies, work-related projects, and travel-related photos and videos. Once everyone sees Ruby as Lucy Carlyle in Lockwood & Co., her fan base will probably grow significantly.

Fun facts about Ruby Stokes

Below are some interesting details regarding the Lockwood & Co. star:

  • Two of Ruby’s brothers are younger.
  • Ruby attended both the Young Actors Theatre in Islington and the BRIT School.
  • Ruby debuted in a major motion picture in the 2016 drama Una.

Lockwood & Co., which premieres on Netflix on January 27, stars Ruby Stokes as psychically gifted youngster Lucy Carlyle!

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