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WHO On WhatsApp: Everything You Need To Know About The Information Services


David Mudd

World Health Organisation has launched information services with WhatsApp and also Facebook. The purpose is to keep everyone safe from coronavirus. Read ahead to know more.

But Why WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is used by more than 2 billion people across the world. From old to the young, influencer to a believer, formulator to an implementor, almost everyone uses WhatsApp today. Asia has the largest number of WhatsApp users, followed by Europe and then the United States.

WHO On WhatsApp

Therefore, the World Health Organisation is using WhatsApp to provide information about coronavirus to people across the world. Furthermore, it is free of cost. Also, the WHO approves coronavirus information.

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The Urgent Questions To Keep In Mind About Coronavirus

Coronavirus Status Around The World

To date, 386,310 coronavirus cases have reported globally. Furthermore, the death toll has risen to 16,713 and 102,536 people have recovered successfully. Italy is hit the worst in Europe from coronavirus.

WHO On WhatsApp

The death toll in Italy has crossed then what was there in China. Each day Italy reports 500 plus coronavirus cases and 300 plus deaths in the country. Furthermore, in the United States, all 52 states are tested coronavirus positive.

New York reported maximum coronavirus cases followed by the country’s capital, Washington D.C.

What Information Will WHO Share On WhatsApp

The World Health Organisation will provide all the information on coronavirus on WhatsApp. It is sharing information about the live status of coronavirus around the world. Furthermore, people can see the live figures of confirmed coronavirus cases, deaths, and recoveries.

It shares the coronavirus helpline number of each country. Furthermore, the World Health Organisation is conducting surveys to screen people who show symptoms of coronavirus. Furthermore, it also provides the coronavirus screening facilities location.

WHO On WhatsApp

The World Health Organisation updates people with the precautions they need to take to prevent coronavirus. Also, it shows the tests carried on to derive the coronavirus vaccine. The WHO shares information about social distancing and quarantining yourself.

The World Health Organisation shares only real and authentic information. People should not belive in random information. The World Health Organisation must approve of every information.