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WHO On COVID-19: WHO Developing An App Which Will Educate Users On The Virus


David Mudd

WHO On COVID-19: So, WHO is taking all essential steps to stop the spread of the virus and till now, nothing is working. Sorry, we didn’t want to sound negative but, that is the truth of today. If we leave China, there is no other country that is getting any success in curbing the effects of the virus. We recently got to know that they are developing an application to educate people about the virus.

A Good Initiative By WHO (WHO On COVID-19)

This application will contain all the information about the virus and will educate people. People are scared even if they have a typical cold these days, that is because there is a lack of knowledge about the symptoms of the virus. Not all of you who have high fever and cough are suffering from COVID-19; it might be normal viral too. Please don’t panic. This is also curable; even your test results are positive; there is no need to panic.


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USA, Spain And Italy Are Going Down Everyday (WHO On COVID-19)

Three big countries of the world, the USA, Spain and Italy are facing what we hope no one has to face. All these countries are getting more than 5000 cases per day, and the death rate in Spain and Italy is more than 500 per day. That is scary if this doesn’t stop these countries will have to face even worse situations. Their economies on the floor, people are dying, everyone is locked down in their houses. 


Never thought that the world would go into lockdown, all countries at once. We hope that the scientist finds something that can cure this. This is the time when we need to stay positive, no not COVID-19 positive, just mentally positive.

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What To Do In Quarantine?

There are so many things to do. You will find ‘n’ numbers of articles on the internet that will give you fantastic suggestions. We can also give you some. You can learn new skills, maybe a new language, or the best thing, sleep, relax, give yourself some much needed free time. Why is it so important to do something, it is fun not to do anything sometimes. Try it, thank us later.