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Who Killed Simon, and Who Will Be Next and Much More About One Of Us Is Lying


Aditi Narendra

Who Killed Simon, and Who Will Be Next is the buzz of the hour. Have you ever thought about what The Breakfast Club would be like if it was a murder mystery? That is the premise of One Of Us Is Lying, and it has captivated audiences from the start. Five high school kids are brought to punishment; one of them does not survive. The other four students are all motivated by the fact that the victim, Simon, was about to divulge their secrets in his infamous blog About That. They quickly become the Bayview Four, the main suspects in a murder investigation. The truth is finally revealed after many twists and turns. So, who killed Simon? Here’s all you need to know about the show, including how it sets up a possible season two.

What Happened at the End of One of Us is Lying?

Simon goes into anaphylaxis at the outset of the show due to his food allergy. There is no professor present in punishment at that point, and the only eyewitnesses are bad guy Nate, popular Addy, overachiever Bronwyn, and baseball star Cooper. They summon paramedics but are unable to locate a single inhaler in the nurse’s office. Simon is killed. The question was who killed Simon? According to the police investigation, someone poisoned his drink with peanut oil and stole all of the drugs from the school. The Bayview Four, drawn together through mistrust from the police and the rest of the school, strive to figure out what took place by discreetly working together. None of their secrets, however, are safe.

who killed simon

Somebody else begins publishing on Simon’s blog, and soon everyone knows Bronwyn failed a chemistry exam, Nate sold drugs to an inebriated student who nearly died, and Addy cheated on Jake, her boyfriend. Cooper’s homosexuality is the sole secret that remains hidden. Addy discovers that Simon’s best friend Janae is the one spreading their mysteries, and the Bayview Four face her jointly. Janae admits she desired payback since she believed they were responsible for Simon’s death. However, when she is shut out of About That, she admits that another person is at work.

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As things develop, a new anonymous person begins documenting their secret meets together, and the cops become increasingly more suspicious of The Bayview Four. Somebody is following them and concealing an EpiPen in Addy’s locker. They just about make it before the cops find it. But it is too late for Nate: the cops discover a stockpile of EpiPens in his bike before they’re able to act. He’s been charged with Simon’s murder.

Who killed Simon?

Jake, Addy’s boyfriend, comes out to be the mastermind behind it all. After Simon informs Jake that Addy has been cheating on him with his closest buddy TJ, Jake vows bloody revenge. He challenges Simon to fool the gang by pouring peanut oil into his own cup, making them appear to be killers. Jake and Simon were close buddies who used to do dare games and dreamed of trying to bring down jocks and posers until Jake became one himself. Simon is first reluctant, but Jake convinces him to carry out the joke in order to take revenge on everyone he despises. They arrange everything using their Xboxes, and Simon wants Jake to stay close by to ensure that everyone uses the EpiPen correctly.

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Simon indicates that he is taping their chats when Jake denies it. Jake becomes suspicious and removes all of the EpiPens from the nurse’s office to ensure Simon’s death. He attempts to accuse Addy by concealing an EpiPen in her locker, but when that fails, he accuses Nate, the apparent suspect. If everything begins to unravel when Addy notices Simon’s Xbox handle in Jake’s conversation log. She refuses to think he is guilty, but the others grow progressively certain Jake is the murderer. Bronwyn realizes Jake was near enough to put the extra phone in her bag, which resulted in her imprisonment, and he had every chance to trigger the phone alarm, which resulted in Addy’s imprisonment too though. Addy gradually realizes how manipulating and dominating Jake is towards her.

who killed simon

They decide to steal Simon’s Xbox at Jake’s Halloween party, which Jake was given permission to take at Simon’s memorial. Jake, on the other hand, discovers what they’re up to and attacks them with a gun. He follows after Addy as she runs away with the Xbox, first aiming it at Nate and Cooper. Cooper and Janae catch up to them and punch Jake in the face. There is a major struggle, and Jake is fatally shot in the wilderness. It is unknown who eventually pulled the trigger.

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With no other option, the Bayview Four make Jake appear to have fled. They make certain that the cops find Simon’s Xbox, which contains all of Jake’s embarrassing communications. As a result, the police believe Jake went missing because he was concerned about being discovered. But just as it appears like they have gotten away with it, they each receive a text… And now another individual is aware of what occurred that night.

Season two, please.