Who Killed Malcolm in You Season 4? Discover Who Is the ‘Eat the Rich’ Killer?


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If you’re a fan of the Netflix series “You” and you’re wondering “Who Killed Malcolm in You Season 4?”, this is the place to be! The fourth season of the popular show “You” is now available on Netflix. The show follows the character of Joe Goldberg, who has a history of committing murder. Joe is trying to put his past behind him and start a new life but gets caught up in a dangerous situation when his colleague Malcolm is found dead.

This shocking turn of events leaves Joe and the audience wondering who could be responsible for Malcolm’s (Stephen Hagan) death. The storyline is filled with twists and turns, and viewers will have to watch the show to find out how it all unfolds. Please note that this explanation contains spoilers for the fourth season of “You”.

Is Joe the Killer?

Initially, Joe assumes that he’s responsible for Malcolm’s death and disposes of the body to avoid getting caught. But towards the end of the episode, Joe receives a text message from an unknown sender claiming to be the real culprit behind Malcolm’s murder. The subsequent episodes of the first part of season 4 of “You” revolve around the mystery of the “Eat the Rich” killer, who’s responsible for a series of other murders that follow.

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Joe and the other characters frantically try to solve the case and identify the culprit. As the season progresses, Joe learns about the true identity of the killer and the motive behind their actions. To find out more about the “Eat the Rich” killer and how Joe discovers their identity, viewers will have to watch the show.

“Eat the Rich” Killer

In the first part of season 4 of “You,” the “Eat the Rich” killer continues their killing spree, targeting the wealthy individuals in Joe’s social circle. The killer’s victims include Simon and Gemma, who are killed after Malcolm. Meanwhile, Joe himself commits murder when he kills Vic, who was Adam’s personal bodyguard, to protect himself.


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In episode 5, Joe and his affluent acquaintances visit Lady Phoebe’s country estate. While there, suspicions arise that Joe is the “Eat the Rich” killer, and Roald chases after him into the woods. Joe manages to knock Roald unconscious but is then attacked and rendered unconscious by Rhys Montrose(Ed Speleers).

Joe and Roald wake up in an underground area of the estate, where Rhys reveals that he is the actual killer. He confesses that Joe’s past murders had inspired him, and he requests Joe’s assistance in framing Roald for the murders. Rhys urges Joe to kill Roald and help him cover up the evidence. The suspenseful events of the rest of the season will reveal how Joe navigates this dangerous situation and whether he will ultimately be able to escape the deadly circumstances.

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In the later part of the season, Rhys reveals to Joe that he had initially planned to frame Joe for Malcolm’s murder. He only approached Joe after seeing that Joe had disposed of the body and thought they could collaborate. Joe agrees to help Rhys but ultimately changes his mind about killing Roald, which angers Rhys.

Who Killed Malcolm in You Season 4

In response to Joe’s refusal, Rhys locks Joe and Roald in a room, which he sets on fire. Joe manages to save Roald, but the entire estate burns down, and the two are the only survivors. The first part of the season ends with Joe back in London, where he learns that Rhys is running for mayor.

The suspenseful finale sets up the stage for part 2, where we will find out whether Joe will try to stop Rhys and expose him for his crimes or end up collaborating with him. Viewers will have to watch the upcoming episodes to see how the storyline unfolds.

Who Else is Killed in You Season 4

In season 4 of You, Joe finds himself embroiled in a deadly mystery involving multiple murders. The other victims, aside from Malcolm, include Simon, Vic, and Gemma. Simon is the son of a Chinese tech mogul and an artist who becomes the second victim of the Eat the Rich Killer.

Vic, the driver, and bodyguard of an American ex-pat named Adam are killed by Joe to protect himself from being suspected of Malcolm’s death. Gemma, a member of Kate’s Oxford friendship group, is killed by Rhys during a night of debauchery at Lady Phoebe’s Hampsbridge House estate.

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Joe stumbles upon Kate standing over Gemma’s body, holding the knife that killed her, and helping her hide the body. However, Phoebe later finds the corpse, which raises suspicions about Joe’s involvement in the murders.

Who Killed Malcolm in You Season 4

This suspicion leads Roald to wrongfully theorize that Joe has been the killer all along. The murders of Simon, Vic, and Gemma further intensify the already gripping storyline of You season 4.

Keep Counting the Killing

The fourth season of “You” premiered in February, after a dramatic ending in season three. Joe Goldberg faked his death and moved to London to start a new life as a teacher, claiming that he has left his murderous tendencies behind. However, in the first five episodes of the new season, there have already been four deaths, indicating that Joe may not be able to escape his violent past. The body count may increase in the upcoming episodes, set to release on March 5th.

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