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Who Is Yungblud Dating? All You Need To Know!

This article will discuss topics like “Who Is Yungblud Dating?” and Everything you need to know about this. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

Few new musicians in the alternative rock or punk rock scenes have recently made as much of an impact as YUNGBLUD. The English singer, musician, composer, and actor may only have a few projects to his credit, but because to his upbeat songs and distinctive stage persona, he has already gained a cult-like following of admirers all over the world.

Yungblud’s personal life appears to be just as glamorous and downright cool, even when he isn’t performing in front of tens of thousands of adoring fans. Fans are interested in who the pop-punk singer is dating, as is the case with most well-known performers.

Yungblud spoke exclusively to Distractify about his new self-titled album and revealed how “important” his new partner is to him.

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Who Is Yungblud Dating?

A star of Yungblud’s calibre would be perfectly content with his most recent amorous endeavour. In fact, the rocker is seeing Jesse Jo Stark, a fellow musician and fashion designer who is the well-known offspring of Richard and Laurie Lynn Stark. Her vivacious parents created the opulent clothes, jewellery, and lifestyle company Chrome Hearts, which frequently uses leather, sterling silver, and numerous exotic materials to produce its premium goods.

Richard and Laurie Lynn welcomed Jesse Jo into the world on April 4, 1991 in Los Angeles. Unbelievably, Cher is her godmother. She has two younger siblings named Frankie Belle and Kristian Jack Stark. Since the 1980s, her parents’ company has catered to the elite of the music industry, and during that time, the Stark family has forged relationships with some of the most illustrious figures in rock and roll.

She is also great pals with supermodel Bella Hadid, incidentally.


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Yungblud used some strong language when talking to Distractify about Jesse Jo.

“Rock and roll needs her, in my opinion. I believe that everyone of height is copying her, and I am aware of this “Regarding her skills, he stated. “She is, in my opinion, much more significant than she is aware of. People will soon realise how crucial she was and is, in my opinion, and how much rock & roll just needs her.”

Jesse Jo is an indie musician that has put out two EPs and numerous singles. Her 2021 EP “Down Your Drain” was really recorded with longstanding Starks family friend and former Sex Pistols guitarist Steve Jones. David Bowie, Loretta Lynn, and the Cramps have all been named as influences by Jesse Jo in the past.

Jesse Jo frequently appears in advertising for Chrome Hearts as well as her sister’s clothing line, Dipped In Blue Bikinis. She also has her own clothing line, Deadly Doll.

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How Did Jesse Jo Stark And Yungblud Meet?

Unknown are the specifics of how Yungblud and Jesse Jo originally met, but their first public appearance together occurred when the former dropped the music video for “Strawberry Lipstick.” In that sensuous video, Yungblud looks to be sexually dominating Jesse Jo while dressed in unique Chrome Hearts clothes from his family.

Jesse Jo and Yungblud started talking about each other on social media considerably more regularly after the video went out. Cute pictures of the two hanging out, attending events, and spending time with Jesse’s family can be found all over their Instagram pages. Jesse’s mother frequently leaves encouraging comments on both his Instagram page and the Chrome Hearts Instagram page, indicating that she thinks highly of the rocker.

What Is Yungblud’s Sexual Orientation?

Over the years, Yungblud has been quite open about his sexuality with his followers. The musician acknowledged that he considers himself to be “sexually fluid” in an interview with Attitude from 2019.

However, he clarified and informed supporters that he identifies as pansexual and polyamorous in an interview with the same journal one year later.

At the time, he declared, “My sexuality is mine, and I’m proud of it.” However, as I mentioned earlier, I probably would have said, “I love everyone, I’m drawn to everyone.”

I’ve never openly dated a guy, but I have absolutely f—ked, like, hooked up with people and been into it and loved it, he continued, expanding on his experiences.

When discussing his sexuality in public, Yungblud admitted to Distractify that he prefers “to kick the bear.”

Yungblud assured us that he was firmly rebutting his detractors with the words “Everyone online keeps saying I’m not really gay / I’ll start dating males when they go to therapy.”

“‘How dare you question my sexuality,’ sort of thing. F—k you!’ It actually happened in that way “said him. “And I believe that people adore it. That lyric is so humorous and has such a sharp edge. When I sang it, the entire studio let out a ‘Ohhhhh!”


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Who Were Yungblud’s Well-known Ex-Girlfriends?

Since April 2021, Yungblud has been a couple with Jesse, who is 31 years old. She is the closest friend of Bella Hadid and the granddaughter of Richard and Laurie Lynn Star, who also founded Chrome Hearts. What is known about the other celebrities he has reportedly dated in the past?

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Miley Cyrus (2021)

Early in 2021, following Miley Cyrus’ breakup with Cody Simpson, Yungblud was said to be close to the pop star. At her 15-year Hannah Montana anniversary party in Los Angeles, the musicians posed for pictures together in March of that year and posted them to Instagram.

Elle, however, reports that it was established that Yungblud and Miley, 29, were not romantically involved. They claimed that he had been romantically involved with Jesse, whom he was thought to have been dating for several months, at that point.

Halsey (2018 to 2019)

Halsey and Yungblud famously dated for around a year, appearing on multiple red carpets together. Following her breakup from rapper G-Eazy, the pop star, 28, announced their romance on Instagram in January 2019.

Halsey did, however, disclose their breakup that October. She reportedly penned the following in a now-deleted tweet: “Sometimes. Couples split up. It doesn’t imply that someone lied, something terrible occurred, or that someone messed up. Sometimes. It simply occurs. because things in life change all the time. Adults continue to be friends and progress.

Anäis Gallagher (2019)

Earlier than that, Yungblud was associated with Anäis Gallagher, 22, the child of Noel Gallagher of Oasis and his ex-wife Meg Matthews. They first met backstage at a performance in Manchester, and, according to The Sun, their romance quickly grew. The Daily Mail later revealed that the couple was only a pair of close pals.

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